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Project: One Voice: First International Symposium on Pediatric Concussion

Centre for Leadership in Acquired Brain Injury


  • Nick Reed
  • Philippe Fait
  • Christine Provvidenza
  • Dayna Greenspoon

What was this study about?

Research and clinical practice in pediatric concussion is growing. The pediatric concussion experience is not the same as the adult concussion experience. Opportunities are needed to bring together experts from research, healthcare, education, youth and sport communities to: a) share knowledge; b) promote collaboration (working together); and c) build consensus to determine how to best meet the growing needs of all those impacted by pediatric concussion(e.g. youth, parents, coaches, teachers, researchers, healthcare professionals, organizations).

What did we do?

To continue the momentum from One Voice: the 1st International Symposium on Pediatric Concussion, the Concussion Centre at Holland BloorviewKids Rehabilitation Hospital created a Communities of Practice (CoP) program.A CoP is a group of people who share a common passion and through regular meetings, work together to create and share new knowledge, provide support and share key learnings to help move forward individual and organizational practice. Three CoPs were created that aligned with the strategic directions identified at the symposium:

  1. Connecting Kids to Care:building and connecting networks, making better use of existing resources, and design acare system that can be easily accessed
  2. Moving Facts Forward: create knowledge and develop a plan to effectively share information
  3. Driving Big Change: Develop an informed media and awareness campaign

The CoPs brought together champions in clinical, research, education, youth and sport communities across Canada, the United States, New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. Fifty individuals participated in nine CoPs meetings over one year. Each CoP identified one goal,one priority to achieve,and generated outcomes.

Impact for clients, families and clinical practice

The CoPs identified the need for a plan to help engage concussion stakeholders and promote knowledge translation in the concussion community. The CoPs are in the process of creating products to address these needs,will help guide research, education and clinical care services provided at Holland Bloorview and potentially around the world. These products will be shared internationally with all those affected and/or involved in concussion. This CoP approach is the very first of its kind in pediatric concussion.

What did we learn?

Phase II was successful in generating and sharing knowledge and inspiring the pediatric concussion community to work together to develop key products to help inform how we conduct research and deliver education and care in the pediatric concussion community. The three CoPs are creating the following products:

  1. Connecting Kids to Care: concussion stakeholder engagement plan
  2. Moving Facts Forward: concussion focused knowledge translation planning "cheat sheet"
  3. Driving Big Change: One Voice advocacy document

A goal of the CoPs was to inspire the pediatric concussion community to work together to move pediatric concussion forward. Participants acknowledged the value of CoPs and shared the comment that it takes time to collaborate. Overall, the participants felt that participation in the CoPs was a good use of their time, they were comfortable with their level of involvement and felt engaged, and they learned something new through their participation.

Next steps?

The three CoP sare working towards creating a concussion stakeholder engagement framework, a concussion focused knowledge translation planning "cheat sheet" and a One Voice advocacy documents. The aim is to circulate these products widely to help inform research, care and education in pediatric concussion. A 2ndOne Voice Symposium is being held in May 2017. The focus of this Symposium is to complete the work on these CoP products and to create a vision for the evolution of the One Voice initiative as a whole.