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that disability is part of life and not inherently tragic or inspirational and as an educator you are uniquely positioned to help students re-think their understanding of disability.

Expect a lot

from students with disabilities when helping them create good lives.


and actively seek input from students with disabilities in goal setting and decision making.


what your students with disabilities like to do and incorporate those activities in the classroom.


group activities (such as field trips and sports) so all students can participate, without exception. This means all students participate in the same activity and use their strengths to contribute to the activity’s success.


students learn how to communicate with others about their disability and advocate for their needs and goals when they choose.


curriculum content created by or for people with disabilities so all students see themselves reflected in the classroom.


every day a new opportunity to build on the strengths of students with disabilities who are experiencing challenges.


a climate of acceptance, belonging, friendship, and kindness in your classroom and school.


all forms of bullying and address them.


students receive all supports they require in their accommodation plans.