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PRISM Lab - Media Archive

The prism lab's research has been featured in many television, radio, and print news channels. Below is an archive of past media.

Pediatric Rehab Engineering
P. Mchenry (Producer), CNN Global Challenges, April 29, 2006 (7.5 minutes)

Enlightened Engineers
C. Smith, Canadian Learning Television,, CityTV, June 13, 2005 (5 minutes)

Help & Hope
B. Mitchell (Producer), W-Five with Sandi Renaldo, CTV, March 26, 2005 (1 hour). Several PRISM lab research projects featured.

Muscle Sound Prosthesis
C. Bahatter, Discovery Channel, Daily Planet, October 6, 2004 (5 minutes)

Technology for people with disabilities
T. Strgacic (Associate Producer), Technology Tuesdays – Michael Vaughan Live, Report on Business TV, July 20, 2004 (live)

Mini-documentary on paediatric rehabilitation devices Pt.1
L. Eisen, TVO – Studio 2, May 3, 2004 (14 minutes)

Mini-documentary on paediatric rehabilitation devices Pt.2
L. Eisen, TVO – Studio 2, May 3, 2004 (14 minutes)

Learning how to play a virtual piano
S. Navaro (Health Report), CFTO Late and Evening News, aired November 17, 2002 (2.5 minutes) view

D. Caldwell (Executive Producer), CBC Moving On program, aired January 20, 2002 (4.5 minutes

Rehab and reading minds
CTV News Net, February 23, 2009 (4 minutes)

ITN (London, UK), February 12, 2009 (2.5 minutes)

Daily Planet
Z. Tong (Host), Discovery Channel, February 10, 2009 (3.5 minutes)

Brain Scan – communication technology
Global News, Family Health, February 19, 2009 (2.5 minutes)

Virtual music instrument: a Canadian innovation
CTV Canada AM, (featuring music therapist Andrea Lamont and 2 Bloorview clients

Making a difference
Global News, November 6, 2007 (featuring engineering student Eric Wan and the virtual music instrument)

Bloorview Kids Rehab pioneering a new way for kids to go through therapy
CityPulse, February, 6, 2007 (featuring occupational therapist Sophie Lam-Damji and virtual reality therapy)

Pediatric Rehab Engineering
P. Mchenry (Producer), CNN Global Challenges, April 29, 2006 (7.5 minutes)

Rehab Engineer, Local Heroes
C. Bruce (Producer), Rogers television 10, Continued airing several times a week for 1 year, 2006 (1 minute)

High-tech devices for children with disabilities
M. Ito (Host), More2 life, TVO, January 12, 2006 (12 minutes – live)

Innovations in paediatric rehabilitation engineering
K. Ng, Fairchild Television (January 11, 2006, 30 minute Chinese program – live)

PRISM Lab Research
C. Crosbie (Health Reporter), Global News¸November 18, 2005 (2.5 minutes). Featuring client K. Vignewasaran and music therapist A. Lamont

PRISM Lab research
M. Chung (Health Correspondent), CBC Evening News, November 11, 2005 (2.5 minutes). Featuring graduate student N. Alves and client S. Campbell

A device that can read your mind?
C. Osgood Westwood One – The Osgood File, February 11, 2009.

Interview with V. Wildermuth
German public radio DLF, February 13, 2009.

Interview with H. Mann (Guest Host)
CBC Radio – As It Happens, February 13, 2009, 5.5 minutes.

Interview with M. Deveau (Host)
Infrared scan reads minds, AM 800 Windsor Now, February 10, 2009, 5 minutes.

Interview with B. Dunning (Host)
Virtual Reality Therapy – occupational therapist Sophie Lam-Damji interviewed about the use of virtual reality games in therapy, Sirius Satellite Radio, Across the Nation with Bob Dunning¸ February 7, 2007.

Interview with A. Barrie (Host)
Inventor of the virtual music instrument, Metro Morning with Andy Barrie, CBC Radio One, November 24, 2006, 6 minutes (live).

Interview with J. Hawtin (Guest Host)
Engineer wins award for helping disabled children, Metro Morning with Andy Barrie, CBC Radio One, November 15, 2005, 6:04 minutes (live).

Interview with V. Nerenberg (Host/Producer)
Muscle Murmurs, SciTech File, CBC RADIO CANADA INTERNATIONAL, July 30, 2004, 8.5 minutes (broadcast to India, Africa, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Far East).

Shining a light into trapped minds
S. Ubelacker, Globe and Mail on-line, February 17, 2009.

Identifying preferences with infrared brain imaging
R. Dooley,, February 12, 2009.

I can read your mind
J. Andreski,, February 12, 2009.

Canadian scientists read minds with infrared scan
Gadgetted News Bureau,, February 12, 2009.

Canadian scientists develop new “mind-reading” technology
B. Jackson,, February 12, 2009.

Canadian scientists read minds with infrared scan, February 11, 2009.

Infrared brain imaging system developed: Canada
Today Tech, February 11, 2009.

IR light used to read minds, February 11, 2009.

Mind-reading infrared device knows if you want a milkshake
Discover Magazine on-line, February 11, 2009.

Scientists build mind-reading machine
Fox News on-line, February 11, 2009.

Novel mind-reading technique developed
Sindh, February 11, 2009.

Scientists read minds with infrared scan: optical brain imaging decodes preference with 80 percent accuracy
Science Daily, February 11, 2009.

Study concludes it is possible to read a person’s mind remotely
D. Gansle,, February 11, 2009.

Will mind reading help locked-in patients?
J. Kluger, Time Magazine on-line, Feb. 11, 2009.

New device reads minds pretty well
Live Science staff, U.S. News on-line, February 10, 2009.

New technique to read people’s minds
Thaindian News on-line, February 10, 2009.

Canadian scientists read minds with infrared scan, February 10, 2009.

Canadian scientists read minds with infrared scan, February 10, 2009.

Brain activity can identify preferences
United Press International,, February 10, 2009.

Brain activity can identify preferences
United Press International, Red, February 10, 2009.

New technique to read people’s minds
The Hindu on-line, February 10, 2009.

Canadians invent infrared mind-reading ray
M. Harris,, February 10, 2009.

New device reads minds pretty well
Live Science Staff, Live, February 10, 2009.

Canadian boffins develop mindreader headband
L. Page, The Register, February 10, 2009.

Canadian scientists read minds with infrared scan using optical brain imaging
L. Kinross, University of Toronto News on-line, February 9, 2009.

Is the Wii Really Good for Your Health?
T.S. Schmidt, Time Magazine on-line, Feb. 1, 2007 (featuring engineering student William Li)

Science Hero: Tom Chau Biomedical Engineer
W. Jewell,, January 27, 2006

Children with physical disabilities make music through movement
M. Strutzenberger, Family Net, September 11, 2002

Mind-reading helps children with cerebral palsy
Ming Pao Daily News, p. A11, February 11, 2009.

Shining a light into trapped minds
The Globe & Mail, Life – Health, page L4.

Hooked on mind-reading
Toronto Sun, February 11, 2009, page 14.

Mind-reading scan aimed to help children who can’t speak or move
S. Ubelacker, Canadian Press, February 11, 2009.

Grasping the future
M. Witten, Readers Digest, July 2008, pp. 118-122.

Can all kids play the piano
Excellence, Innovation, Leadership: Research at the University of Toronto, Spring 2008.

Battling a condition that’s tough to swallow
H. Branswell, The Globe & Mail, Jan. 22, 2008.

Every move they make: Researchers at Bloorview Kids Rehab help severely disabled children communicate through music
J. Lynn Fraser, Innovation Canada, Issue #31, Nov-Dec. 2007

Professor Tom Chau Named to Canada’s Top 40 Under 40
Skulematters, Fall 2007, University of Toronto.

“Young Pioneers: Eight U of T alumni appear on Caldwell’s Top 40 under 40 list”
G.F.S., University of Toronto Magazine, Autumn 2007, p. 16.

Bright, young, successful – four alumni make the Top 40 under 40 list
Waterloo Engineering Alumni Letter, July 2007, Number 52, p. 16.

I want my therapy! Now!
L. Shallcross, American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) PRISM Magazine, Vol. 16, No. 8, 2007

Small-miracle worker
M. Johne, Globe & Mail, May 8, 2007, Special Supplement for the 2006 Top 40 Under 40 Awards

Young Achievers named to top 40 list
W.D. Lightwall, University of Toronto Bulletin, May 8, 2007, No. 18, p. 1,4

Can video games zap childhood and adult obesity? Studies suggest that games can help shed pounds and improve motor skills
O. Dyer, National Review of Medicine, Volume 4, Number 5, March 15, 2007 (features engineering student William Li and virtual reality therapy)

Strong Arm Tactics
M. Witten, Toronto Life Magazine, February 2007, pp. 33-39.

Researchers aspire to overcome hazardous aspirations
M. Sunderland, Design Product News, Volume 35, Number 1, January/February 2007, p. 21

Rehab child’s play with video game
D. Girard, Toronto Star, January 29, 2007, p. C1 and C5 (featuring undergrad engineering student William Li, Dr. Darcy Fehlings, OT Sophie Lam-Damji and client M. Sherwin)

Virtual Therapy
T. Flanagan, National Post, January 24, 2007, p. A18 (featuring undergrad engineering student William Li and Dr. Darcy Fehlings)

Student develops therapeutic video game
L.R. Cohen, U of T Bulletin, Jan. 9, 2007, p. 5

From disability to possibility
K. Conor, Toronto Sun, Sunday August 20, 2006. (includes virtual music instrument)

Tom Chau: Kids, not computers are the future
Maclean’s 2006 Honour Roll (Discoverer & Thinkers), Maclean’s Magazine, July 1, 2006, p. 71

Hospital a dream home: Bloorview Kids Rehab helps children reach goals
K. Connor, Toronto Sun, June 14, 2006 (features Megan Strysio)

Engineering Dimensions, Where engineering & medicine meet
M. Masstromateo, May/June 2006, pp. 52-59

Guidance form teen years helps Tom Chau today
M. Masstromateo, Catholic Register, week of May 21, 2006, p.5

Innovator Tom Chau
D. Bortolotti, Today’s Parent Magazine, May 2006, pp. 98-99

Tom Chau awarded for work with children with disabilities (Chinese)
W. Wang, April 25, 2006, Today Daily News, p. A03

Research for locked-in patients: Chau’s new invention recognized (Chinese)
April 26, 2006, Ming Pao, p. A01

Chau receives award (Chinese)
April 26, 2006, Sing Tao Daily, p. 9

Disabled find their sound
J. Terauds, Toronto Star, Tuesday, April 4, 2006, p. A3

Tom Chau: Young Engineer of the Year
K. Wan, The Cannon, Volume XXIII, Issue VI, January 17, 2006, p 4

Tom Chau wins young engineer award (Chinese)
J. Phan, Sing Tao Daily News, p. A7, Dec. 24, 2005

Engineer improves lives with the blink of an eye
T. Belford, Globe & Mail, December 15, 2005, pp. B11 (Report on Business)

Giving disabled kids a hand
J. Doble, The University of Waterloo Magazine, fall 2005, p. 29

Communications Wizards
E. Monier-Williams, University of Toronto Bulletin, December 12, 2005, p. 7 (Featuring Natasha Alves & Stefanie Blain)

Engineer uses skills to help disabled kids
S. Benitah, Town Crier, November 2005, p 5

Engineering help for disabled kids
J. Hall, Metro, November 14, 2005, p. 15

Harnessing science to transform young lives
J. Hall, Toronto Star, GTA Section, November 12, 2005, pp. B1-B2

Engineering fuller lives for children
B. Clarkson, The Toronto Sun, November 12, 2005, p. 30

Using technology to improve lives (Chinese)
SingTao Daily News, November 12, 2005, p. A2

Ontario Professional Engineers Awards – Celebrating Engineering Excellence
Globe & Mail – Special Information Report- Engineering Medal Young Engineer, November 7, 2005, p. 3

UW’s engineers honoured
A. Csanady, Imprint – The University of Waterloo Student Newspaper, October 21, 2005, Vol.28, Issue 13

Students take top engineering scholarships
L. Kinross, Sites & Sounds, spring 2005

PRISM lab research (Chinese)
W. Wong, Ming Pao Daily, May 15, 2005, p. A4

Technology that Enables
M. Saros Leung, EDGE Magazine – Leaders section, Spring/Summer 2005, Vol. 6, No. 2, p.7

Student-built robots a lesson in helping disabled
A. Davidson, The Globe and Mail, Monday, December 4, 2004, p. A3 (quoted several times)

Untapping every child’s promise
L. Kinross, Exceptional Parent, Vol. 34, Issue 12, pp. 43-44 (Picture of aspirometer and virtual music instrument)

Playing music with your body
D. Hobbs, NEXUS Newsletter, The official newsletter of the clients, families, carers, staff and friends of Novita Children’s Service Inc. (Australia), October 2004, p.1

Virtual instruments let disabled kids make music
H. Irfan, Varsity Newspaper, University of Toronto, September 27, 2004, p.8

Researchers put muscles to work like never before
L. Green, O & P Business News, September 15, 2004, pp. 42-46

Muscles making noise for prosthetics
Active Living Magazine Staff, Active Living Magazine – healthy lifestyles for today’s amputees, Article no. 73, 2004 (Also on web

Megan’s Myo Handiwork
CHAMP – The War Amps Child Amputee Program, Vol. 91 – July/August, 2004

Using technology to enrich the lives of children affected by disabilities
L. Kinross, Hospital Perspectives, Ontario Hospital Association, Volume 11, Issue 2, spring/summer 2004, pp. 1, 8

Life Lines: PRISM Lab’s technology helps empower and comfort disabled and dying children
P. McKay, The Ottawa Citizen, The Citizen Tech Weekly section, page f02, July 11, 2004

Making hard lives easier
P. McKay, The Edmonton Journal, Sunday Reader-Science section, p. d08, July 11, 2004

Technology brings miracle of music
P. McKay, The Montreal Gazette, p. A15, July 8, 2004

Pull Up a Chair
University of Toronto Magazine, Vol. 31, No. 4, p. 13, summer 2004

Bloorview chipping in with new technology
J. Skinner, North York Mirror, page 1 and 3, April 14, 2004.

Tom Chau awarded Research Chair in rehabilitation engineering
K. Scheuer, Beach-South Riverdale Town Crier, April 2004, P. 5

How to build a better hand
E. Carey, Toronto Star, GTA Section, p. B3, May 3, 2004

How to build a better hand
AI Alert (The American Association for Artificial Intelligence), May 12, 2004

How to build a better hand
ACM TechNews (Association for Computing and Machinery), Vol. 6, Issue. 641, May 7, 2004

Girl gets innovative prosthetic hand
The Hamilton Spectator, Hamilton, ON, May 3, 2004

Harnessing Muscle Sound
The Regina Leader Post, May 15, 2004, p. G3

Device gives voice to kids who lose theirs
The Guelph Mercury, Guelph, ON, April 27, 2004

Device ‘speaks’ when kids can’t
The London Free Press, London, ON, April 19, 2004

Device gives voice to kids who lose theirs in surgery
The Western Star, Corner Brook, NL, April 17, 2004

Device helps kids to ‘speak’ after losing voice to surgery
The Prince George Citizen, Prince George, BC, April 17, 2004

Device gives voice to children who lose theirs
The Examiner, Peterborough, ON, April 16, 2004

Researcher designs device to give voice to kids who lose theirs in surgery
The Oxford Review, Woodstock, ON, April 16, 2004

Device gives voice to kids after surgery
Alberni Valley Times, Port Alberni, BC, April 16, 2004

Giving voice to sick kids
24 Hours Free Daily, Vol. 1, No. 111, p.18, April 15, 2004

Sickening silence – Device gives voice back to ill children
The Edmonton Sun, Edmonton, AB, April 15, 2004

New voice for children after brain surgery
Red Deer Advocate, Red Deer, AB, April 15, 2004

Speaking up for themselves
The Beacon Herald, Stratford, ON, April 15, 2004

Researcher designs device to give voice to kids who lose theirs in surgery
H. Branswell, Canadian Press, April 14, 2004

Researcher designs device to give voice to kids who lose theirs
Brandon Sun, Brandon, MB, April 14, 2004

Le ministre Volpe se réjouit des 50 nouvelles chaires de recherche du canada dont sont dotées les universités ontariennes
CNW Telbec, April 7, 2004

25 More CRCs for U of T
M. Saros Leung, The Bulletin University of Toronto, No. 17, pp. 1-2, April 5, 2004 (with lead in about Tom Chau’s research program)

New Research Chairs include Rising Stars
ORION News Briefs (The Electronic Newsletter of the Ontario Research and Innovation Optical Network), Vol. 2, No. 4, April 2004

Canada invests in engineer’s smart technology, Sites & Sounds
L. Kinross, March 2004, featured on AI Topics (American Association for Artificial Intelligence), Applications, Assistive Technologies –

D. Hobbs, Churchill Fellowship Experiences, Nexus Newsletter, The official newsletter of the clients, families, caregivers, staff and friends of The Crippled Children’s Association of South Australia Incorporated, September 2003 (includes description of the virtual music instrument)

D. Hobbs, Churchill Fellowship Experiences, Action Packed, Newsletter of the Australian Cerebral Palsy Association, Vol. 8, Issue. 3, 2003, p.11 (description of virtual music instrument)

Harnessing the murmur of muscles
L. Kinross, Sites & Sounds, July 2003

Software is music to their ears
Ottawa Citizen, Dec. 26, 2002

Technology flexes its muscles to help children
J.P. Moczulski, Toronto Star, Dec. 24, 2002, p.C05

Kids with disabilities learn to be rock stars
Evening News, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Dec. 21, 2002

Kids with disabilities learn to be rock stars
Journal Pioneer, Summerside, PEI, Dec. 21, 2002

Kids with disabilities learn to be rock stars
Western Star, Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Dec. 21, 2002

Living out their fantasies
Barrie Examiner, Dec. 21, 2002

Software allows children with disabilities to play music
Brantford Expositor, Dec. 21, 2002

Kids with disabilities learn to be rock stars
Fredricton Daily Gleaner, Dec. 21, 2002

Chasing a dream made possible
Welland Tribune, Dec.20, 2002

Kids with disabilities learn to be rock stars
North Bay Nugget, Dec. 20, 2002

Software converts movement into music
Peterbrough Examiner, Dec. 20, 2002

Software helps kids with disabilities
Cape Breton Post, Dec. 20, 2002

Disabled kids learn music by computer
Red Deer Advocate, Dec. 20, 2002

Kids with disabilities learn to be rock stars
Daily News, Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Dec. 19, 2002

Software allows kids to learn to be rock stars
Daily News, Truro, Nova Scotia, Dec. 19, 2002

Kids with disabilities learn to be rock stars
Timmins Daily Press, Dec. 19, 2002

Canadian software helps disabled children
Stratford Beacon Herald, Dec. 19, 2002

Disabled kids can be rock stars
The Edmonton Sun, Dec. 19, 2002

Kids with disabilities learn to be rock stars with made-in-Canada software
A. Pacienza, Canadian Press, December 18, 2002

Using music to help children with disabilities play
Occupational Therapy Now, 4(5):27, 2002

Julia makes music with virtual instrument
Inside Bloorview Macmillan, spring 2002

Movement to Music
L. Kinross, Hospital News- Canada’s Health Care Newspaper, 15(3):23, March 2002

For Julia, joy is in the sound of music
L. Kinross, Sites & Sounds, September 2001