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Stories are a great way to introduce new ideas to kids – and what better way to learn about disabilities and inclusion than to read books together? When teaching kids about disabilities it is important to highlight the importance of inclusion, empathy, and language. Books can serve as a meaningful tool and resource in learning how to talk about disability, disability justice, and accessibility.  

Here are our 10 picks for elementary-age reads to add to your home or school library.  

  1. What happened to you? 
    • Written by: James Catchpole
    • Illustrated by: Karen George
    • This accessible, funny, and groundbreaking story addresses the questions children often ask, as well as a child's choice not to answer.
  2. Roll with it 
    • Written by: Jamie Sumner
    • Ellie has cerebral palsy and feels like she’s only known as the ‘kid in the wheelchair’ until she makes new friends. 
  3. A different kind of normal
    • Written by: Abigail Balfe
    • A joyful memoir about the author’s life growing up with autism and exploration about neurodiversity. 
  4.  What’s the difference
    • Written by: Doyin Richards
    • What matters most is not our differences but what we can create together. This is a book that introduces diversity and acceptance for young readers. 
  5. We move together
    • Written by: Kelly Fritsch, Anne McGuire, Eduardo Trejos
    • It’s time to celebrate the joy of disability culture and community and show kids how to challenge ableism to fight for disability justice!
  6. I am not a label 
    • Written by: Cerrie Burnell
    • Illustrated by: Laurent Mark Baldo
    • This biography anthology introduces 34 artists, thinkers, athletes, and activists who have disabilities. 
  7. Roll on 
    • Written by: Ainslie Manson
    • Illustrated by: Ron Lightburn 
    • The story of Rick Hansen’s Man in Motion World Tour and his dream of rolling around the globe. 
  8. Moses goes to a concert 
    • Written by: Issac Millman 
    • A story about the importance of accommodations and accessibility, and how kids with disabilities can participate in many of the same experiences as kids without them. 
  9. We’re all wonders 
    • Written by: R.J. Palacio 
    • A book about the power of kindness and friendship, inspired by the bestseller and blockbuster movie Wonder. 
  10. You’re so Amazing 
    • Written by: James & Lucy Catchpole
    • Illustrated by: Karen George 
    • Everyone says Joe is amazing, which makes him wonder if they’re just saying that because he has a disability… this is a picture about how we engage with conversations about disability.