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CP Booklet

A guide book for children, youth and families living with cerebral palsy.

On the path to possibility: A guide book for children, youth and families living with cerebral palsy

Many parents ask us, “What can I read about cerebral palsy?” This booklet was written to answer that very question! We hope this booklet will help explain what cerebral palsy (CP) is and what supports Holland Bloorview can offer.

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"My experience as the parent of a child with cerebral palsy has been so emotionally challenging and rewarding.The hardest part was not knowing what was in store for our child in the future.We still don’t know for sure but we continue to be amazed at his growth and maturity as he enters his teenage years."

— Parent of child with CP

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Special thanks to all contributors:
  • Lead nurse: Peggy Curtis
  • Lead physician: Anne Kawamura
  • Physiotherapist: Chun Kim
  • Occupational therapist: Linda Fay
  • Speech language pathologist: Brenda Fox
  • Psychologist: Janet Quintal
  • Social worker: Nadine Sunarich
  • Editors/proofreaders: Andrea Hoffman, Nadine Sunarich and Whillette Warren
  • Photo day: Peggy Curtis and Amy Mullin
  • Photo design: Peggy Curtis
  • Communications: Michelle Halsey