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Publications Presented At Boards - October to December 2022


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International Talks


  • Anagnostou E. Greek Developmental Pediatrician Society. Title: Advances in Therapeutics in ASD. Nov 26, 2022
  • Anagnostou, E. International meeting France. Talk title: Recommendations for Future Research in NDDs in France
  • Fuentes K, Lindsay S. (2022) Workplace accommodations during the COVID-19 pandemic: A scoping review of their impacts and implications for people with disabilities. American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine, Chicago, November 8-11.
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July to September 2022

July to September 2022


  • Lindsay, S., & Kolne, K. (2022). A scoping review of the role of gender within speech-language pathology practice. International journal of speech-language pathology, 1–14. Advance online publication.
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International Talks


  • Wright, V. Introduction to the Quality FM - A zoom based course (16 hours over 4 sessions May 31 to July 6, 2022) offered to European participants from UK, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and United Arab Emirates.
  • 2022 Aug  - Senior Author. Pain Trajectories and Sleep Disturbance in Children and Youth with Cerebral Palsy: A Cohort Study. Developmental Origins of Health and Disease (DOHaD) World Congress 2022. Co-Authors: Shearer HM, Côté P, Hogg-Johnson S, Fehlings DL. Vancouver, Canada. (Scientific Poster)
April to June 2022

April to June 2022


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International Talks

  • Lindsay, S., Kaufmann, M. (2022) Use of technology in mentoring for youth with disabilities. Mentoring Research Symposium, Washington DC, April 27-28. (Invited)
  • Kushki, A. (2002). Lab to Life: Developing technology-based supports for children with neurodevelopmental differences. BME Seminar Series - Webex, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY, US. April 21, 2022 (Invited speaker)
  • Fehlings D,Tsige S.“Early Identification and Intervention for Cerebral Palsy: Introducing the Hammersmith Infant Neurological Examination (HINE)”. Department of Pediatrics Rounds. Tikur Anbessa Specialized Hospital (TASH), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Virtual. 
  • Wright V. "QualityFM Workshop". US, Peru, Jordan. Virtual
  • Anagnostou E. Keynote Speaker, Named lectureship: S Warren lecture at Gordon Research Conference: Fragile X and Autism-Related Disorders. Therapeutics Studies in ASD (Italy). Computational insights into heterogeneity of NDDs.
  • Anagnostou, E. Keynote Speaker, INSAR 2022 Annual Meeting. Exploring heterogeneity in ASD: from bench to clinic to stakeholder priorities (Texas, United States) 
  • Anagnostou, E. Invited Speaker, INSAR 2022 Pre-Conference. Exploring the heterogeneity of ASD (Texas, United States) 
  • Safar, K., Vandewouw, M.M., Pang, E.W., Crosbie, J., Schachar, R., Iaboni, A., Georgiades, S., Nicolson, R., Kelley, E., Ayub, M., Lerch, J.P., Anagnostou, E., Taylor, M.J. Poster. Functional Connectivity to Emotional Faces in ASD and ADHD Children. INSAR 2022 Annual Meeting. Austin, Texas, United States.
  • Vandewouw, M.M., Anagnostou, E., Taylor, M.J., Lerch, J.P., Iaboni, A., Crosbie, J., Schachar, R., Kelley, E., Ayub, M., Georgiades, S., Nicolson, R., Kushki, A. Oral Presentation. Challenging diagnostic boundaries in ASD, ADHD and OCD using fMRI resting-state networks. INSAR 2022 Annual Meeting. Austin, Texas, United States.
  • Y. Sadat-Nejad; R. Cardy; E. Anagnostou; J. P. Lerch; M. J. Taylor; A. Iaboni; C. Hammill; J. A. Brian; E. Kelley; M. Ayub; J. Crosbie; R. Schachar; S. Georgiades; R. Nicolson; A. Kushki. Poster. Investigating Homogeneous Subgroups across ASD, ADHD, and Typical Development Using Measures of Cortical Thickness, Surface Area, Cortical/Subcortical Volume, and Structural Covariance. INSAR 2022 Annual Meeting. Austin, Texas, United States.
  • M. Mahjoob; E. Anagnostou; B. Andrade; J. A. Brian; E. Kelley; M. Ayub; R. Cardy; A. Iaboni; J. Crosbie; R. Schachar; S. Georgiades; R. Nicolson; A. Kushki. Poster. Sociodemographic Correlates of Health-Related Quality of Life in Children with ASD. INSAR 2022 Annual Meeting. Austin, Texas, United States.
  • B. Syed; R. Cardy; S. Monga; J. A. Brian; B. Andrade; E. Anagnostou; A. Kushki. Poster. Investigating the Role of Emotion Regulation and Physiological Arousal in Anxiety in Children Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. INSAR 2022 Annual Meeting. Austin, Texas, United States. 
  • R. Cardy; C. Smith; F. Liu; B. Syed; T. Paul; B. Andrade; J. A. Brian; S. Monga; E. Anagnostou; A. Kushki. Virtual Poster. Association between Emotion Regulation and Temperament in Children and Youth with ASDR. INSAR 2022 Annual Meeting. Austin, Texas, United States.
  • Jane A, Kanigsberg L, Patel A, Eldon S, Brian JA, Anagnostou E, Penner M. Poster. Content Analysis of the Recommendations from Project ECHO Ontario Autism. INSAR 2022 Annual Meeting. Austin, Texas, United States. 
  • Penner M, Senman L, Andoni L, Dupuis A, Anagnostou E, Shouldice M, Kao S, Brian JA. Oral Presentation. Accuracy of Consultant General Pediatrician Autism Diagnosis Compared to a Multi-Disciplinary Team. Panel Presentation: How do we meet the challenges to the delivery of childhood autism diagnostic services internationally? INSAR 2022 Annual Meeting. Austin, Texas, United States. 

January to March 2022

 January to March 2022


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International Talks

  • Anagnostou, E. Autism – an evidence based approach. 12TH AOCN ANNUAL CONFERENCE- CHILD NEUROCON 2022. Feb 25-27, 2022. India, Virtual.
  • Tomas V, Kingsnorth S, Kirsh B, Anagnostou E, Lindsay S. Using the COM-B Model and Theoretical Domains Framework to understand the workplace disclosure experiences, influencers, and needs of autistic youth and young adults. Pacific Rim International Conference on Disability & Diversity, Honolulu, Hawaii, Feb. 28 –(online during Covid). 
  • Lindsay S, Varahra A, Ahmed H, Abrahamson S, Pulver S, Primucci M, Wong K. (2022). Exploring the relationships between race and ethnicity on school and work outcomes among youth and young adults with disabilities. Pacific Rim International Conference on Disability & Diversity, Honolulu, Hawaii, Feb. 28. (online during Covid).
  • Lindsay S, Ahmed H. (2022) School and employment-related barriers for youth and young adults with and without a disability during the COVID-19 pandemic. Pacific Rim International Conference on Disability & Diversity, Honolulu, Hawaii, Feb. 28 (online during Covid).
  • Lindsay S, Ahmed H, Apostolopoulos D. (2022) Facilitators for coping with the COVID-19 pandemic among youth with disabilities. Pacific Rim International Conference on Disability & Diversity, Honolulu, Hawaii, Feb. 28 (online during Covid).
  • Fehlings, D. (Invited Speaker) “Constraint Therapy for Children with Hemiplegic CP: What you need to know – From the Brain to the Clinic”. United Cerebral Palsy Professional Learning Series. Virtual Presentation; February 24, 2022.
  • Fehlings. D. Presenter  (Co-presenters Stott S, Drake R, Brochard S, Silberg T, Bryne R) Managing Pain to Promote Participation in Individuals with Cerebral Palsy. Combined 11th Australian Academy of Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine and the 3rd International Alliance of Academies of Childhood Disability Conference.(Symposium Session)– Virtual. Melbourne, Australia. March 4, 2022.
  • Shearer HM. Presenter. (Co-Authors: Fehlings, D, Cote P, Hogg-Johnson S, McKeever P) Short-term Pain Trajectories and their Association with Physical and Psychological Well-Being in Children and Youth with Cerebral Palsy. Combined 11th Australian Academy of Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine and the 3rd International Alliance of Academies of Childhood Disability Conference. Free Paper Presentation – Virtual. Melbourne, Australia. March 5, 2022.
  • Fehlings, D. (Presenter). “An AACPDM Care Pathway” for Dystonia in Cerebral Palsy. Mexican Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Neurodevelopmental Disorders. Mexico; March 9-12, 2022. Virtual Conference.
  • King, G. “’In tune and on the same page’: The complexities and dynamics of engagement in rehabilitation therapy”, plenary keynote lecture presented at the AusACPDM-IAACD ‘Better Together’ Conference, Melbourne Australia March 2022.

Book Chapter:

  • Pozniak, K, & King, G. (2022). Bringing an ethnographic sensibility to pediatric rehabilitation: contributions and potential. In C. M. Hayre, D. Muller, & P. Hackett, (Eds.), Rehabilitation in practice: Ethnographic perspectives (pp. 97-115). London, UK: Springer Nature.


2021/12 - 2022/12 - Better or Worse? Real-time impact of COVID-19 re-opening among children with and without mental health and neurodevelopmental disorders over time.; Grant: Operating; Funding Sources: Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) - Emerging COVID-19 Research Gaps & Priorities; Principal applicant: D. Korczak. Co-applicant(s): Evdokia Anagnostou; A. Charach; C. Birken; E. Kelley; J. Crosbie; K. Cost; R. Nilcolson; S. Georgiades; S. Monga.

October to December 2021

October to December 2021


  • Ho, E. S., Parsons, J. A., Davidge, K. M., Clarke, H. M., & Wright, F. V. (2021). Shared decision making in youth with brachial plexus birth injuries and their families: A qualitative study. Patient education and counseling, 104(10), 2586–2591.
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International Talks

  • Fehlings D, Makino A, Lam-Damji S, Majnemer A. Establishing a baby constraint induced movement therapy program at your centre: an implementation course CP. 2021 AACPDM Annual Conference, October 7, 2021. Virtual, US.
  • Fehlings D (Co-presenter). Cerebral palsy – moving beyond the ‘label’ to the ingredients. 2021 AACPDM Annual Conference, October 9, 2021. Virtual, US.
  • Wright, V. - 8-hour Zoom course for our ABI Challenge Assessment for a  group of 30 physiotherapists in the Netherlands - October 26 and November 2, 2021
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  • Anagnostou, E. Keynote Speaker at Grandview Kids Research Day: Biological overlap among neurodevelopmental conditions. Dec 10, 2021. Virtual.

Student Awards

  • Vanessa Tomas, PhD student, Child-Bright training fellowship ($10,000). Supervisor: Sally Lindsay
July to September 2021

July to September 2021


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International Talks

  • Tomas V, Kingsnorth S, Kirsh B, Anagnostou E, Lindsay S. (2021) Using the COM-B Model and Theoretical Domains Framework to understand the workplace disclosure experiences, influencers, and needs of autistic youth and young adults. Autism@Work Virtual Summit. Queensland, Australia. August 24-25 2021.
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  • Brian J., (2021) The Social ABCs parent-mediated intervention for toddlers: Adapting to virtual delivery”. Presentation for Autism intervention rounds at Child Developmental Assessment & Intervention Center, Taipei (Taiwan), (Hybrid due to COVID)

Student Awards

  • 2021 - Kimel Family Graduate Student Scholarship in Pediatric Disability Research. 2021-2022 Holland Bloorview Foundation Graduate Student Scholarship Award, Bloorview Research Institute, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Awarded to MSc student, Isabelle Caven. Research Supervisor: Melanie Penner. $20,000 CAD.
  • 2021 Hilda and William Courtney CLAYTON Paediatric Research Fund, 2021-22 GLSE OSOTF & Other Endowed Awards, Temerty Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Awarded to MSc student, Isabelle Caven. Research Supervisor: Melanie Penner. $3,500 CAD.
  • Vanessa Tomas, PhD student in Rehabilitation Sciences--Hilda & William Courtney Clayton paediatric research fund ($3500)
April to June 2021

 April to June 2021



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Book Chapters

International Talks

  • June 3, 2021: McPherson, A.C and Yates, E. Why you need to talk about sexuality with children with disabilities. European Academy of Childhood Disability.


January to March 2021

January 2021


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February 2021

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March 2021

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