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Welcome to the ABI-Challenge

The ABI Challenge Assessment (ABI-CA) is a dynamic assessment of advanced motor skills. It was designed to extend upon the foundational skills of the Gross Motor Function Measure (GMFM-88) and be used with children/youth with acquired brain injury who are aged 7 years and up, and are independent walkers.

Accessing ABI-CA Forms and Videos: To access ABI-CA forms, manuals and training videos, you must complete a training course. If you have taken the ABI-Challenge Course, you will have access to the materials on our ABI-Challenge Manual and Training Videos page.

The ABI-CA comprises skills that:    

  • Focus on impairments of speed, balance and coordination that are typical in children/youth after an ABI
  • Integrate upper/lower limb movements and dual task performance  
  • Are considered important for children/youth to be able to perform in school and recreation
  • Align with physiotherapy goal of optimizing the recovery of advanced motor skills that support the return to safe participation in physical activity

Eighteen skills are scored on a 5-point response scale (0 to 4) using item-specific response options described on the ABI-CA score form. Test administration takes 45 to 60 minutes depending on the abilities of the child, and is done on and around the ABI-CA 'pathway' that is taped to the floor of a 15m+ long hallway. Individual item scores enable the physical therapist to discern the areas of strength and challenge for purposes of goal setting and intervention planning. ABI-CA testing can be done by a pediatric physical therapist who has experience in working with children/ with an ABI, is familiar with using the GMFM-88 or Community Mobility Assessment, and who has taken the ABI-CA training course and passed the ABI-CA criterion test.

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