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Effective Nov. 1, 2023, clients and families, visitors, vendors and staff are required to wear a mask while moving throughout the hospital, including while in elevators, in spaces where clients receive care or participate in research. A medical grade mask will be available upon entry.


How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital.

This application is used for our client program volunteer opportunities and for all volunteer candidates who have been offered a position in the Bloorview Research Institute. To access the Family Leadership Program volunteer application, please visit the Become a Family Leader page. For the Holland Bloorview Foundation volunteer application, please visit the Foundation Volunteer Opportunities page.

To submit a volunteer application:

1. Download the Volunteer Reference form

  • Please provide the reference form to two professional references. Employment and/or volunteer references are preferred. Should you not have employment or volunteer references, we will consider teachers, professors, coaches, aquatic leadership instructors, community leaders, or other professional references. 
  • Your references should be able to answer questions about your ability to provide direct support to programs and services for children and youth with disabilities.
  • Family members, friends, and/or friends of the family may not provide personal references. We may consider references from people in this group if you have been employed on a paid or volunteer basis, for example, if you have worked as a babysitter, tutor, or have had other employment with them. If you are asking a person in this category for a reference, please let them know that they:
    • Should write the reference based on the work that you have done for them; and
    • Should not write the reference based on how they know you personally outside of your work or volunteer role.
  • If you are retired or have been outside of the work force for some time, it is acceptable to submit former professionally-related references or references from part-time work or volunteering that you have recently participated in, such as at-home child care for your neighbours or volunteering in community centre activities.
  • Your references should return the completed forms to you. An electronic copy of the completed forms will need to be included in your application. Please ensure that if you receive any paper copies from your references, that they are converted to an electronic copy to attach with your application.
  • Should your reference prefer, or be required to, submit their completed reference to us confidentially, please have them email the document to us at If this process is selected, please contact us directly, so that we may guide you on completing the online application process.


Once you have received your reference forms, you are ready for step two!


2. Choose the application link below:

For 2023-2024 School Year/Year Round or Approved BRI volunteer opportunities ONLY -

2023-2024 School Year/Year Round or Approved BRI Volunteer Form - Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital (web browser) OR  2023-2024 School Year/Year Round or Approved BRI Volunteer Mobile Application Form - Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital (phone or tablet)

  • If you have never used Better Impact before: Please follow the directions under "I am new to".
  • If you are a returning volunteer, who has been absent for more than three years OR if you are a volunteer with another organization that uses Better Impact, please follow the directions under "I already have a username".


Our 2024 March Break program is now closed.


3. Please complete the application form. Once you have reached the end of the form, you will see a button labelled "Submit Application". 

4. You will receive an email acknowledgement that your complete application has been received. 


Additional information about our application process:

Incomplete applications or stand alone references can only be held on file for a period of one (1) month. After this time, applications will be archived and stand alone references deleted.

If your application is selected for an interview, you will be contacted by Volunteer Resources. We will send you an email invitation link to book your interview time, so please continue to monitor your email regularly.

Our preferred method of communication is via email. If you do not subscribe to email, we will contact you by telephone. 

In the event that a suitable volunteer position is not available at the time your application is received, your application will be retained for a period of one (1) year and will be reviewed periodically as volunteer positions become available.

Should you require assistance to complete the application, or have questions about this application process, please contact us at (416) 422-7033, or email

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Holland Bloorview.