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General Information

AAC Access MethodsAAC Coach (Kate McLaughlin)

Communication DiaryKidsAbility

Communication FunctionsAAC Coach (Kate McLaughlin)

Functional CommunicationAAC Coach (Kate McLaughlin)

What is AACAAC Coach (Kate McLaughlin)


Communication Passport (Blank)CALL Scotland

Communication Passport (Example)CALL Scotland

Communication DictionaryThames Valley Children’s Centre (TVCC)

My AAC Device Checklist – Marcia Sterner OCPS AT Team


AAC and Wait TimeAAC Coach (Kate McLaughlin)

AAC in the ClassroomTVCC

Aided Language and Modeling in Everyday ActivitiesRocky Bay

Clarification Strategies – When I Don’t Understand - Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

Don’t Assume it’s a MistakeAAC Coach (Kate McLaughlin)

General Partner StrategiesHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

Partner Responses Chart - Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

Problems with PromptingAAC Coach (Kate McLaughlin)

Supporting AAC InitiationAAC Coach (Kate McLaughlin)

Supporting Emerging CommunicatorsTVCC


31 Ideas for Using a Step-By-Step and Big MackHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

Playing with Core WordsTVCC

Access instructional and demonstration videos

Eye Gaze puzzle 

Eye Gaze checkers


Partner Assisted Auditory Scanning (PAAS)

Device operational instructional videos

NovaChat backup instructions

Tobii I 110 Front ending

Software programming instructional videos


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