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The ProFILE Lab conducts research around the promotion of health and well-being of children with disabilities and long-term conditions.

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Recent publications


Giles M, Ball GDC, Bonder R, Buchholz A, Gorter JW, Morrison K, Perez A, Walker M, McPherson AC. (2023). Exploring the complexities of weight management care for children with spina bifida: A qualitative study with children and parents. Disability and Rehabilitation (early online 4 September).

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King G, Kingsnorth S, McPherson AC, Tajik-Parvinchi DJ. (2023). Autonomy, self-realization, and psychological empowerment: A prospective mixed methods study of the effects of residential immersive life skills programs for youth with physical disabilities. Disability and Rehabilitation (early online 17 August).


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