PEARL Lab - Support and funding

Selected Funding:

Title: Active video gaming for activity promotion for children with disabilities
Researchers: Biddiss E, Wright V, McKeever P, Chau T, Fehlings D
Agency: Canadian Institutes of Health Research ($154,716, 2010 - 2012)

Title: Emotion-aware assistive technologies in rehabilitation and healthcare
Researchers: Biddiss E
Agency: Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council of Canada ($105,000, 2011-2016)

Title: The Art of Waiting: Evaluation of an interactive media experience in a children's hospital clinic waiting space
Researchers: Biddiss E, McKeever P, McPherson A, Chau T, Fehlings D, Rigby P
Agency: Canadian Institutes of Health Research ($187,071, 2011 - 2013)

Title: Childhood Cerebral Palsy Integrated Discovery Network “CP-NET”.
Researchers: Fehling, Darcy (PI); Collaborator(s): deVeber G, Fehlings M, Menon R, Rosenbaum P, Scherer S., Ansari D, Biddiss E, Campbell C, Carter M, Chau T, Chen R, Cheyne D, Ferro M, Frid P, Gorter JW, Graham N, Hall G, Henkelman M, Kawamura A, Kingsnorth S, McCormick A, Mesterman R, Miller S, Morshead C, Palisano R, Paterson A, Pelland L, Raybaud C, Samdup D, Scott S, Segalowitz S, Shroff M, Strothers S, Taylor M, van der Kooy D, Wintle R, Wright V.
Agency: Ontario Brain Institute ($7,500,000 CAD, 2013 – 2018)