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Autism Care Network (ACNet)

Holland Bloorview is part of the Autism Care Network (ACNet), previously called the Autism Learning Health Network (ALHN). The Autism Care Network (ACNet) is a Learning Health Network comprised of more than 20 clinics across the Unites States and Canada dedicated to developing a sustainable system for care delivery, research, evidence development and dissemination of best practices for autistic children and adolescents. Learn more about the Autism Care Network (ACNet) here.

This network will collect information about the health, wellbeing, and behaviour of children with ASD over time, allowing the network to better understand what services, supports or interventions are helpful and which are not.  

The researchers will use this information for quality improvement projects which they hope will improve care for your child and all children with ASD now and in the future.


Resources, Publications and Toolkits

ATN-AIRP Resources