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We're here to support you. Here is some helpful information to help you prepare for your visit.

What you need to register

At the main entrance, walk past reception and turn left to register your child at patient registration.
You’ll need:

  1. your child’s Ontario health card
  2. your family doctor’s name and phone number
  3. your health-care insurance information or drug card

How to find your child’s room

When you leave registration, turn left, walk toward Tim Hortons and turn left again for the elevators.

Get on the elevator and press 3R. When you get off the elevator, turn left, then turn right at the short hallway. At the end of the hall, you’ll see an orange sign that says 3W. Walk to it, then turn left and speak to staff at the main team centre. Here you will get your child’s room number. Ask anyone for the main team centre if you have trouble finding it.

What is in your child’s room

Our rooms are shared by two children. Most rooms have an accessible washroom and shower, a large window and a TV. The hospital also offers free wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) for all clients, families and visitors.

If you have questions, please press the call button in your child’s room or come to the nursing station. A white board in front of the station shows which nurse is caring for your child today. We welcome questions.

Over the first few days you’ll meet the nurses, doctors and therapists who’ll work with your child. Their extensions are listed on the wall at your child’s bedside. You’ll also find a schedule of your child’s daily therapies posted there.

Arm chairs that pull into sleeper chairs are available for one parent to stay with their child at night.

What to bring for your child’s stay

Please bring things that soothe your child and remind your child of home:

  • favourite toys
  • books
  • DVDs
  • music
  • family photos to decorate the walls, or a special blanket or pillow

Pack your child’s regular clothing and:

  • a toothbrush
  • toothpaste
  • shampoo
  • soap
  • a hair brush
  • lip balm
  • hand and body lotion

Bring a list of your child’s medicines and any allergies.

Visit the resource centre

Got a question about parenting a child with a disability, health condition or services at Holland Bloorview? We’d love to meet you in our Grocery Foundation Resource Centre on the main floor. Our staff and parent mentors provide information and support on parenting, school, fun things to do in the community, respite care, and funding. We are also here if you have any concerns about your child’s care at Holland Bloorview.

Important policies at Holland Bloorview

When visiting our facility, please keep in mind:


Please do not bring latex balloons or other latex products into Holland Bloorview due to the serious health problem for clients and individuals with allergies.

Custody and access

At Holland Bloorview, we strive to provide the best and safest care possible to your child. In order to best support your child and family, it is important for us to collect certain information from you, so all service providers know how to best communicate with you and understand how you make decisions for your child. Learn more about why wee ask about custody and access at Holland Bloorview.

Emergency codes

Holland Bloorview aims to provide a safe and secure environment for all patients, visitors, staff and volunteers. It is possible that while you are visiting Holland Bloorview you will hear an emergency code called over the public address system. Staff are trained to respond to these codes.  They will provide direction on what you need to do during a code.  Learn more about emergency preparedness.

Fragrance free policy

Strong scented products such as perfume, hairspray, cologne and aftershave can cause health issues. In consideration for others, we request that you and your visitors do not wear scents when coming to Holland Bloorview.


Although nuts (including peanuts) can be purchased through vending machines in the cafeteria, we strongly urge you not to bring any nut-products to the inpatient area on the third floor or to any community programs such as swimming, Spiral Garden, etc.

Photos and audiovisual recording consent policy

Everyone has a right to privacy at Holland Bloorview. You must ask for consent before taking photos, audio or visual recordings of anyone on hospital premises and in appointments. Photos, audio or visual recordings taken without consent must be deleted immediately. To read our full photography, audio and visual recording consent policy and learn more about privacy at Holland Bloorview, visit our privacy page.

Respectful and safe environment

Holland Bloorview is committed to the values of equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility, and providing a safe and respectful space for everyone in our community.

Smoke-free property

Holland Bloorview is a fully smoke-free property to ensure a healthy, safe and comfortable environment for all clients, families, staff, students, volunteers and visitors. Smoking tobacco and the use of electronic cigarettes is prohibited on all hospital grounds, including buildings, gardens, parking areas, the bus shelter (on hospital property) and near the water feature at the front of the hospital.