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Events for Trainees

At Holland Bloorview's research institute, there are many trainee-led learning opportunities to address our unique learning needs. Collaboratively, we decide which opportunities benefit our growth as emerging professionals and how to best seize these opportunities. Below are the initiatives currently offered for BRI trainees. 

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BRITE Professional Development Day

 Bloorview Research Institute (BRI) Trainee Workshop

The annual BRITE Professional Development Day aims to inspire, coach, and connect students dedicated to improving the life of children with disabilities.

The event focuses on developing tangible and transferable skills for advancing any trainee's personal and professional goals, through discussion and practical skill building. Attendees will also have the opportunity to network with other trainees and scientists.

Mark your calendars for the upcoming BRITE PD Day on May 14, 2024! Have any feedback or suggestions for future workshops? Let us know

Academic Rounds

BRI Trainee Rounds

BRI Academic Rounds are monthly forums which provide an opportunity for trainees at Holland Bloorview's research institute to gather, engage in cross-disciplinary learning, and meet other trainees and interesting speakers.

At each round, internal or external speakers give seminar presentations which expose trainees to a wide variety of topics and provide us with learning and experiential opportunities that help us grow as professionals. The rounds target diverse areas of professional and academic need, including familiarizing with the research process, improving networking skills, understanding family engagement in research, and navigating career planning. The topics are chosen based on trainee and administrative suggestions.

Do you have ideas for future rounds topics, or feedback on past rounds? Contact us! We would love to hear from you.