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Welcome to the NOvEL lab. The goal of our lab is to better understand the experiences of clients and families to improve their health and wellbeing so that they can live their lives to the fullest.  

Our work explores a variety of topics related to pediatric brain injury (e.g. concussion, acquired brain injury) and other neurological conditions. We take a broad approach by exploring how different systems such as personal characteristics (e.g. mental health, physical functioning), the environment (e.g. school, family, healthcare), and other factors can impact recovery from pediatric brain injury.

Using an interdisciplinary lens, our lab:

  • Builds clinical interventions and evidence-based practices informed by clients, families, and clinicians, with a focus on co-creation
  • Applies an investigative approach where we work to better understand pediatric brain injury outcomes
  • Educates and builds capacity in trainees from across the globe to advance the field of pediatric brain injury


The lab is led by Dr. Shannon Scratch, Clinician Scientist & Clinical Neuropsychologist. To learn more, read our Mission, check out our Research Studies, and follow the NOvEL lab on Twitter. Or you can contact us directly here!