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CDARS Lab Research

(Illustration by Sofia Woods)

The CDARS lab conducts research that focuses on investigating and improving quality of life, community participation, and social inclusion of children, youth and young adults with disabilities through an examination of the health practices and policies that affect their daily lives.


CDARS Lab Current Research Studies

Difference and Movement: The Youth Mobility Project

The Youth Mobility Project was a partnership between a diverse group of disabled youth, researchers, and artists in Ontario. Together we wanted to challenge how disability is seen as a deficit and explore the idea ofdisability as potential. Disability is a form of diversity and diversity is a strength. Utilizing creative participatory visual methodologies, the project aimed to investigate and re-theorize mobilities of youth labelled-as-disabled; and to use this knowledge to inform diverse areas of applied design, healthcare, education, and disability research.

The Youth Mobility Project screen


Enhancing Compassionate Care

Enhancing Wellness

Developing Collaborative Research with Disabled Youth

Reconsidering clown practices in children’s hospitals