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Please note, masking is still mandatory at Holland Bloorview. A medical grade mask will be available upon entry.


Spiritual care

Spirituality as a way to help people on their journey towards healing.

Reflection room

In times of significant illness, change or loss, many people require more than just physical care to help them cope with challenging circumstances.

At these times, spiritual care, an important part of holistic care, emphasizes spirituality as a way to help people on their journey towards healing.

Spiritual Care focuses on the needs and priorities of what gives the most meaning and value to the individual human spirit in times of hardship.  Services also extend to include family members and health-care providers.

Spiritual care providers enable individuals to express their beliefs, values and emotions in a private setting where there is respect for the culture, dignity, beliefs and practices of the client and their family.

Spiritual care resources at Holland Bloorview

Spiritual care providers are available to our inpatients and their loved ones. We have a listing of local faith leaders who are available to come to Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital to assist inpatient clients and their families with spiritual issues. Referrals can be made through the unit social worker or primary care nurse. 

Reflection Room

Available to all families, staff and volunteers who would like a quiet space for reflection, meditation or prayer. The room is in a central location, next to the main bank of rear elevators on the 3rd level. The zinc outer walls make it a distinctive space. The room decor is warm and soothing. Prayer Mats are available in the room (as well as signage for "Qibla" Direction towards Mecca). Meditative literature and religious items are showcased and may be borrowed. One of our inpatient social workers currently offers a mindfulness meditation program in the reflection room.

Spiritual care providers offer:

  • Compassionate Presence & Support
  • Emotional & Spiritual Comfort
  • Grief and loss care
  • Help with difficult ethical and moral decisions and dilemmas
  • Prayer, meditation and blessings