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Our strategy work is led by a representative group of experienced and passionate staff from across the organization as well as Family and Youth Leaders, who make up our Strategy Task Force. There are three sub-committees within the taskforce. Sub-committee members will facilitate throughout the planning process, bring their expertise and unique perspectives to the design and execution of the Campfires and Sparks, and ensure every voice is captured in Holland Bloorview’s next strategic plan.

To learn more about the team and each sub-committee, scroll down or click on the box below.


Strategic Planning Task Force


Strategic Planning Task Force Structural Chart


Core Team

The core team will guide the strategic engagement process and work to pull everything together into our next strategic plan. This team is comprised of Holland Bloorview resources and an external consultant, Potential Group, experts in strategy development, change leadership and strategy implementation in healthcare, research and education setting.

Holland Bloorview resources

  • Nadia Tanel - director, strategy
  • Stephanie McFarland - manager, strategy
  • Lisa Beaudoin - graduate student intern, strategy
  • Stewart Wong - vice president, communications, marketing and advocacy
  • Julia Hanigsberg - president and CEO

Potential Group

  • Danny Nashman - partner
  • Cate Creed - partner
  • Jackie McCaffrey - project manager, consultant 
Co-leads subcommittee

The co-leads subcommittee will act as strategic planning champions throughout the 2022/2023 strategic planning process and will be key in developing and leading Campfires and Sparks. Co-leads are each aligned with one of the five big questions as follows:

  1. Equity and Inclusion
    • Vera Nenadovic - nurse practitioner (BIRT), nurse practitioner practice lead, vice chair research ethics board
    • Kim Jones Galley - student coordinator, academic affairs
    • Sally Lindsay - senior scientist, Bloorview Research Institute (BRI)
    • Lorraine Thomas - IDEA manager (interim)
    • Cheryl Peters - family leader
  2. Restore and re-energize 
    • Geeta Thomas - manager, talent, acquisition & engagement, people & culture team
    • Tamara Milicevic - clinical pharmacy services coordinator
    • Angie Sweeney - manager, administration support services, people & culture team
    • Laura Thompson - team lead & occupational therapist, transitions team 

    • Learning health system
      • Melanie Penner - clinician scientist, BRI
      • Kathryn Parker - senior director, academic affairs and simulation lead
      • Darcy Fehlings - developmental paediatrician, medicine
      • Joanne Maxwell - senior director, collaborative practice & clinical education, and interim director, quality, safety & performance
      • Ivona Novak - family leader 

    • Individualized experiences and impact populations
      • Azadeh Kushki - senior scientist, Bloorview Research Institute, associate professor
      • Laura McAdam - physician director, medicine
      • Julie Chiba Branson - interim director transitions, client and family integrated care (CFIC) & community partnership
      • Jessica Reid - social worker, child development program & clinical lead, family navigation hub
      • Joanne Downing - family leader

    • Seamless pathways and gaps
      • Adila El-Korazati - physician, medicine
      • Shannon Scratch - clinician scientist, BRI & clinical neuropsychologist, BIRT
      • Anthony Danial - interim clinical operations manager, neuromotor, selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR) and music 
      • Andrea MacDonald - clinical operations manager, spina bifida, feeding and lifespan
      • Carolyn Wilson - clinical resource leader, complex continuing care
      • Adrienne Zarem - family leader 
    Data and metrics subcommittee

    The data and metrics subcommittee will co-design the data requirements and short/long-term success metrics and indicators associated with the final strategic plan. The members are:

    • Pakizah Kozak - chief information officer 
    • Sri Vijay Bharat Peddi - manager, decision support and analytics
    • Rebecca Heersink - manager, risk and safety
    • Shrikant Kelkar - director, clinical operational excellence
    • Robyn Cardy - project manager, digital operations & process improvement project manager, digital operations & process improvement, BRI
    • Ryan Kandasamiar - clinical applications specialist
    • Virginia Wright - senior scientist, full professor, BRI, interim vice president, research
    • Dolly Menna Dack - clinical and research bioethicist, client and family integrated care
    Family / youth engagement subcommittee

    The family and youth engagement subcommittee will co- design family and youth engagement throughout the planning process and help mobilize family and youth leaders to support engagement of underrepresented groups. The members are:

    • Clara Ho - manager, CFIC and partnerships 
    • Jean Hammond - family partnership specialist
    • Jeffrey Man - youth leader
    • Marya Bangash - youth leader 
    • Jessica Chan - youth leader
    • Julia Kowal - coordinator, family engagement
    • Gunjan Seth - family leader
    • Meredith Sandles - family leader 
    • Shukri Farah - family leader
    • Adrienne Zarem - family leader
    • Ivona  Novak - family leader
    • Cheryl Peters - family leader
    • Joanne Downing - family leader