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Dress up like your favourite Premium All-Terrain Knee day!

Girl holding a prosthetic leg

PROPEL goes out for a holiday dinner!

Propel team having a holiday dinner


Firdous and Alex at the Women in Science and Engineering Conference 2019 in Toronto

2 women smiling


Rachel and Megan at the IEEE Women in Engineering
International Leadership Conference in San Jose, California

2 women smiling


Sam, Mark, and Dr. Andrysek working in the lab. (Photo: Neil Ta)

2 men working in a lab.  One man is wearing a device to help him move and the 2 men are observing


PROPEL potluck

Propel team having a potluck lunch PROPEL Team

Matt's farewell potluck

Propel team having lunch


Alex, Sam and Megan at the 2017 Ward Summer Student Research Day

2 women and a man standing.  1 woman is holding a prosthetic leg.

Research discussions and collaboration with Dr. Leah Bent's lab from University of Guelph

Propel team group picture