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Partnering to build system capacity, drive innovation and change, and inspire hope for children and youth with disabilities and developmental differences.


Together with clients, families, teams and partners, we will leverage our collective expertise to enable equitable, evidence-informed, and strength-based care for children and youth with disabilities and developmental differences.

As leaders and advocates in Developmental Paediatrics, we strive to become more integrated in our efforts to build system capacity, drive innovation, and foster new learning in the next generation of clinicians.

Values / Guiding Principles

  • Equity
  • Respect
  • Compassion
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation


  1. Striving for integration

    1. Within the division: Establish a strong community of practice to provide faculty with a forum for sharing knowledge, perspectives, and experiences to promote learning and wellbeing amongst our members. Integrate our efforts as a Division to advance the field of Developmental Paediatrics.
    2. Within the system: Partner with clients and families, teams, organizations, and sectors, to work as a more ‘unified whole’ to leverage expertise, optimize resources, and focus efforts on providing seamless, well-coordinated, equitable care for clients and their families. 
  2. Driving innovation and change

    1. Through advocacy and leadership: Dedicate effort and attention to help shift the paradigm of Developmental Paediatrics from a deficit-based, diagnostic-focused model to a more strength-based, solution and function-focused approach that facilitates the most appropriate resources and supports to better address client needs.
    2. Through measurement: Support the development of a Learning Health System by defining and utilizing key metrics in measuring meaningful change in client outcomes. 
  3. Building capacity for the future

    1. In providers & learners: Leverage our diverse clinical and academic expertise to impact capacity and care across the system through developing and strengthening knowledge and skills within our organizations, the community, and the next generation of providers.
    2. In faculty: Enhance our own knowledge and skills in health system leadership, cultural and epistemic humility, Indigenous care approaches, allyship and anti-racism, and trauma informed care.
Contact the Division of Developmental Paediatrics


Dr. Anne Kawamura
Developmental Paediatrics Division Head

416-425-6220 x6137

Tima Nakhuda
Executive Assistant

416-425-6220 x 3586

Dr. Angela Orsino
Developmental Paediatrics Subspecialty Residency and Fellowship Program Director

416-425-6220 x 6134

LJ Sands
Developmental Paediatrics Program Administrator

416-425-6220 x 3512

Mailing address

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital
150 Kilgour Road
Toronto, Ontario
M4G 1R8