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Dr. Azadeh Kushki

Azadeh Kushki, PhD

Senior Scientist and Associate Chief of Data Science

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Education & Profession


  • Ph.D. Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Toronto
  • M.A.Sc. Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Toronto
  • B.A.Sc. Computer Engineering, University of Toronto
  • Postdoctoral Fellowships: 1) Autism Research Centre, Bloorview Research Institute  2) PRISM Lab, Bloorview Research Institute 3) Cognitive Systems Laboratory, McMaster University

University Positions / Affiliations:

Associate Professor, Institute of Biomaterial and Biomedical Engineering, University of Toronto (July 2020)

Research and Current Projects

Please click here to Dr. Azadeh Kushki's lab page and learn more about research and current projects.

Contact Info

Contact Information:

Bloorview Research Institute
Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital
150 Kilgour Road Toronto, Ontario M4G 1R8
Tel: 416-425-6220, extension 3563

Contact Email:

Media Expertise

autism spectrum disorder - technological innovations, machine learning