Shaping the future: Strategy Blog #5

Partnering for Change: Healthy, Meaningful Futures for Children, Youth and Families

Through the strategy planning process, there have now been nearly 1000 “touchpoints” where people have contributed to, shaped and refined the strategy that will guide the future for Holland Bloorview. There has been overwhelming engagement in the development process, and a deep commitment to take our work to the next level.

Where we are heading

Holland Bloorview has unique expertise, in research, teaching, innovation and care, and a highly engaged community of staff, families, youth, kids, alumni and other partners. We will continue to ask big questions, to innovate and to create and mobilize knowledge to shape and influence international and local practice and the lived experience of kids and families.

We will revolutionize our care and services so that every child, youth and family will have an individualized, needs-based portfolio of services, informed and shaped simultaneously by evidence, expert-informed client and family need, and client and family choice. Person-centred planning will be infused into all services across Holland Bloorview from the earliest age, so all children, youth and families are supported to create the kinds of futures they want.

As we are transforming the pathways inside Holland Bloorview, we will be partnering to influence system change, so every child, youth and family will feel fully supported in their healthcare, education and community resources. Their different resources will be connected, and will continue through transitions into adulthood.

The new strategy recognizes that Holland Bloorview has a profound accountability to fully mobilize its knowledge, experience and people to help drive social awareness and deep acceptance that disability and varying abilities are just part of the many facets of diversity.

The new strategy will be bold, transformative, and reflects the deepest hopes expressed by everyone who participated throughout the process. The core vision is focused on healthy, meaningful futures for children, youth and their families. Staff, families, youth, children and alumni will be full partners in creating, innovating and collaborating to bring this vision to life.

Next steps

We are now in the last stage of finalizing the strategy, and will continue to have discussions with the Family Advisory Committee, the Strategic Planning Task Force, Senior Management Team, leaders from across the organization and some of our key stakeholders. The Board of Trustees will be asked to review and approve the strategy at its April meeting. The full strategy will be shared in late-Spring.

Throughout the planning over the last six months, we heard that everyone wants to stay involved and connected to shaping the future together. We will be creating opportunities together that build upon the amazing engagement and collective wisdom that has informed this strategy to this point.