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Making kids count at Holland Bloorview

Reflecting on the positive momentum fueled by the Make Kids Count funding

For the past nine months, since the Ontario government made a historic investment in pediatric health care in the summer of 2023, Holland Bloorview has been building capacity for change and making strides towards its HB2030 vision. 

Holland Bloorview is a founding member of the Children’s Health Coalition who authored the Make Kids Count action plan. The plan was at the centre of advocacy efforts that led to the $330 million investment in pediatric health care.

The financial investment became the fuel to enable HB2030, and to date we have seen some tremendous momentum. To recap, this is what the investment means for Holland Bloorview:

  • Unprecedented 20 per cent increase in annual funding
  • Additional staffing in clinical and administrative areas across the hospital
  • Funding to augment the support services, supplies, spaces and technology we rely on
  • Reducing wait times and expanding access to care and services children, youth and families need

Here is a by-the-numbers snapshot of where we are in our journey (data below is as of April 2024):

  • Ten per cent reduction in wait lists for therapy
  • Four new inpatient rehabilitation beds operational with more allied health and nursing staff to support the new beds
  • Enhanced staffing on complex continuing care unit for existing five client beds
  • Thirty-seven per cent increase in day program visits* with five new clinical staff to support
  • Fifty-five new staff (18 per cent - administration, 45 per cent - outpatient, 37 per cent - inpatient)

*Full 2023-24 comparison to last fiscal year.

“Together with the senior management team and the Make Kids Count steering committee, we want to express our gratitude to the Holland Bloorview team for all your efforts in making the operationalization of the MKC funding a success – and we’ve only just begun. From hiring more than 50 clinical staff to developing innovative new clinics, let’s take the time to celebrate, show gratitude to one another, and continue in our pursuit to leverage this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to advance our ambitious goals for 2030.” – Irene Andress, vice president, programs & services and chief nursing executive

 “Being a part of the advocacy journey, from speaking at the Kids in Crisis Town Hall to witnessing the Make Kids Count funding come through and then having a voice in its implementation at Holland Bloorview, has been incredibly fulfilling for me. Looking ahead, my hopes for the impact of this funding on clients and families are high – I anticipate improved outcomes and experiences for those receiving care at Holland Bloorview.” – Ivona Novak, family leader and member of the Make Kids Count implementation committee


 “Working in the day program I’ve been able to see families and clients benefit from the unique access to intensive therapy while attending the Bloorview school here. As a physiotherapist, it’s comforting knowing that we’re continuing to invest more funding into rehabilitation services for kids. The day program is particularly important in bridging the gap between a client’s hospital stay and returning to the community.” – Hana Dibe, physiotherapist


 “As a psychometrist working in the inpatient and day program units for children with brain injuries, the importance of assessing cognitive skills cannot be overstated. Knowing that we're able to expand access to care through this funding is incredibly rewarding. This means that more children with brain injuries can receive the specialized rehabilitation they need to maximize their recovery potential. Additionally, it alleviates some of the burden on families who may have otherwise struggled to afford or access these services.” - Nikta Mazloom, psychometrist

We know that every day matters in the life of a child. Together we will continue to build capacity for change and examine structures and approaches where we can become more efficient and effective in how we work and best care for the clients and families that we serve.