Holland Bloorview providing care to refugee children with developmental or pediatric rehab needs

At Holland Bloorview we provide exceptional care to children with disabilities and their families. As part of Toronto’s commitment to welcoming refugees, we will be providing this same care to refugee children with developmental or pediatric rehabilitation needs. We hope to see refugee children on an immediate basis to facilitate their integration into school and the community.

We have reached out to Dr. Meb Rashid at Women’s College Hospital to coordinate our efforts with the local health care community. Dr. Rashid is the lead in coordinating access to partners in the primary and community health sectors who have made themselves available to provide some of the care required by our new arrivals.

It is difficult to anticipate the number of refugee children who will require our services. Depending on numbers we may extend clinics or add new clinics to accommodate all children who require our services. Holland Bloorview employees may volunteer to work additional hours in extended or new clinics and these hours will be compensated at time and a half.

Holland Bloorview is proud to provide a timely response to the health needs of incoming Syrian refugees and to support refugee children with disabilities and their families.

More information:

Details on the City of Toronto’s Refugee Resettlement Program, including elements of health care, may be found at

Information on primary care clinics providing services focused on incoming refugees, and being coordinated by Women’s College Hospital in partnership with a number of Health Service Providers may be found at or by calling 416-323-6400 ext. 5905 and leaving a message.

Referrals to Holland Bloorview:

Clients new to Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, including refugees, require a physician or dentist referral to access programs and services. Details on how to make a referral are available at