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Two photos - a vintage black and white of some nurses on the left, and a colour photo with some now-a-day nurses on the right
Holland Bloorview observes Nursing Week (May 6-12)

We invite our community to celebrate the transformational impact nurses have had over the years at Holland Bloorview.

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital will observe National Nursing Week from May 6 to 12, 2024. National Nursing Week is the annual celebration of nurses in Canada, an opportunity to recognise the important role that they play in the community. This year, the theme is "Changing Lives. Shaping Tomorrow."

"In addition to the crucial role they play in directly impacting the lives of their patients, nurses also advocate for their patients ensuring they receive the best possible care and support," says Irene Andress, vice president programs and services and chief nursing executive. "Nursing Week is our chance to spotlight these remarkable contributions that transform lives and contribute to change across the health care system and beyond."

Throughout the week we have planned a series of events that will provide an opportunity for us to come together, learn, and have some fun. These include:


  • Presentation of DAISY awards through the week
  • Unit rounding with nursing leadership and senior management team shadowing
  • TASHN webinar presents – “Opportunities for nurses to reshape health care delivery in Ontario and beyond.”


In recognition of Holland Bloorview’s 125th anniversary we’ll also be spotlighting nurses—both past and present—who have played an important role in shaping the world-class, compassionate and client- and family-centered centre that the hospital is known for – both locally and around the world.

Don’t forgot to follow along on Holland Bloorview’s social media platforms (LinkedIn, X, Instagram and Facebook) for inspiring stories of lives changed and futures transformed because of the dedication, perseverance, resilience and excellence that Holland Bloorview nurses, nursing students and externs.

"Recognizing and celebrating the nearly 200 nurses who work at Holland Bloorview during Nursing Week is a highlight of the year!" says Ana DiMambro, clinical nurse manager and collaborative practice leader – nursing, pharmacy and respiratory therapy. "It provides the entire organization with an opportunity to pause, reflect and shine a bright light on their dedication, perseverance, resilience and excellence when it comes to the health care and wellbeing of our clients and families. The future of nursing at Holland Bloorview is bright – and we look forward to continuing to drive impact, transform care and lead the way when it comes to innovative new care pathways and solutions that ensure the most meaningful and healthy futures for children and youth with disabilities and developmental differences."

For more information about nursing at Holland Bloorview visit our website.