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Holland Bloorview observes Mental Health Week (May 6-12)

Supporting clients, families and staff to foster healing and wellbeing

Holland Bloorview is observing Mental Health Week from May 6-12. This year, the Canadian Mental Health Association’s (CMA) theme is "A Call to be Kind," which emphasizes the healing power of compassion.

Holland Bloorview is dedicated to supporting the mental health of clients, families, employees, students, and volunteers, and this week we are reminded and encouraged to take the time to reflect on our own mental health journey and to appreciate that mental wellness looks different for every individual.

"At Holland Bloorview, we appreciate that mental health is essential for overall wellbeing. We recognize that clients and families are facing additional stressors as a result of their involvement with the health care system and systemic barriers impacting their day to day lives,” says  Joanne Maxwell, vice president, experience, transformation and social accountability (ETSA). “In addition to individual supports provided through clinical programs or through our Family Navigation Hub, families can also gain skills in solution-focused, humanistic communication, and apply for funding to support needed respite services and recreational opportunities that contribute to overall health."

Holland Bloorview’s mental health strategy is made up of these three areas:

  • Child and youth mental health: Recognizing that mental health is vital for a child's overall wellbeing, our services focus on building resilience and skills for coping with life's experiences and supporting belonging and participation, now and in the future.
  • Care for the caregiver: Understanding the complexities and stress faced by caregivers of children with disabilities, Holland Bloorview provides resources, educational opportunities, and support to family caregivers.
  • Working well: In alignment with our organizational values, we support and promote mental health at every level to ensure a psychologically safe and healthy environment for employees, students and volunteers and families.


During this week, we are highlighting the mental health resources and supports available to clients and caregivers. These services are designed to meet the unique needs of clients facing mental health challenges and to provide consistent support for their families.

Examples of resources and supports include:


During Mental Health Week – and beyond – Holland Bloorview encourages families to engage with their care team to learn more about how to access these essential resources to foster healing and wellbeing.