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Drs. Anagnostou, Kushki, and Brian speak at the 2nd annual TEDxYorkUSalon: Videos

On Saturday, April 22, Holland Bloorview's research institute's Drs. Evdokia Anagnostou, Azadeh Kushki, and Jessica Brian shared their groundbreaking work in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) with scientists, researchers, innovators, and community across the country at the second annual TEDxYorkUSalon speakers forum.

The forum, called Autism Innovations, features a series of 10-minute talks from speakers across the country who are doing amazing things to improve the lives of individuals with ASD at the local, national, and international levels. It provides an opportunity for the ASD community to come together, share knowledge, and discuss cutting edge research in the field.

Check out the videos from the event below:

1. Dr. Evdokia Anagnostou: Dr. Anagnostou is a senior clinician scientist at Holland Bloorview, whose research focuses on multiple factors including genetics, neuroscience, and behaviour to better understand the biology of ASD.

Watch her talk Brain, behaviour and developing medications.

2. Dr. Azadeh Kushki: Dr. Kushki is a scientist who innovates and designs new technologies for kids and youth with ASD, such as the Anxiety Meter that measures anxiety levels to empower self-awareness.

Watch her talk A technology-based approach for detection of anxiety in ASD.

3. Dr. Jessica Brian: Dr. Brian is a clinical investigator and co-developer behind the Social ABCs, and whose work focuses on the early identification and intervention of ASD.

Watch her talk Earliest intervention for emerging ASD: Innovations in caregiver-mediated approaches.