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2018 BRITE Awards for Excellence

The BRITE (Bloorview Research Institute Trainee Executive) is looking to highlight our trainees and supervisors who go above and beyond to shape the next generation of researchers, scientists, and clinicians.

If you would like to nominate a current BRI trainee or supervisor for one of the following awards, please fill out this form and provide specific examples of how the nominee demonstrates excellence based on Holland Bloorview’s values and award descriptions below.

Submissions are due on Wednesday, February 28 at 5 p.m. (EST). Please email all submissions to

Award winners will be announced at the BRI Trainee Workshop on March 9.

Excellence in Peer Mentorship

BRI trainees grow through our opportunities to act as a community. We value our culture of teaching and learning from one another and our drive to grow together as emerging scientists, researchers, and clinicians. BRITE Mentorship Award nominees should be current BRI trainees who possess an outstanding track record of mentorship, reflecting the Holland Bloorview values. Mentorship may be formal or informal, of any level of trainee, student, or volunteer.

Eligible nominators: BRI affiliates*

Excellence in Trainee Supervision

The BRI prides itself on attracting and training top-level researchers who will maintain high scientific standards to influence the care of tomorrow. Instilling such high quality in the thoughts and practices of our trainees requires exemplary supervision. BRITE Supervisor Award nominees should represent excellence in scientific supervision, skill development, and student support, reflecting the Holland Bloorview values. Nominees must be formal supervisors within or affiliated with the BRI.

Eligible nominators: Current BRI trainees

Excellence in Research Collaborations

BRI and our stellar group of trainees value collaborations to direct our research. Nominees for the BRITE Award for Excellence in Research Collaborations Award will demonstrate collaborations for the purposes of research that reflect the Holland Bloorview values. Collaborations may include, but are not limited to, children, youth, families, community members, clinicians, practitioners, other professionals, policy makers, and interdisciplinary researchers.

Eligible nominators: BRI affiliates*

*BRI affiliates: trainees, scientists, research staff, clinician collaborators, clients, families, volunteers.

Trainee News: There are always newsworthy stories coming from our training experience at the BRI. We document our memorable training experience by featuring trainees’ research involvement and trainee-led events in news articles.

If you have a newsworthy story or highlight from your work, and want to share it with the BRI community, please contact us.