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By Louise Kinross

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  1. From the lead of an Ontario study showing adults with intellectual disabilities are significantly more likely to die of three types of cancer than those without, regardless of when it’s diagnosed. ‘I think it's a challenging topic to bring back to health professionals, to say 'You may be contributing to this problem because of how you feel, and how you're acting on those values.' We've actually gotten a lot of pushback on this. I think there's a lot of ableism out there and it affects how clinicians provide care and even how research like this gets published.’ (See Health Equity)
  2. From the authors of a study that explored why so few Black medical students in Canada become surgeons: ‘For many of the students, their experience of being the only Black learner in their respective programs contributed to their isolation, anxiety, and depression. Black medical students struggled with the idea of being the only Black surgical resident or staff in their institutions and the possible impact to their mental wellbeing.’ (See Research Hits)
  3. From a 13-year-old girl with low vision whose passion is blind hockey: ‘I think parents should introduce their kids to as many different things as they can with other people with disabilities. I’ve always wanted to try things.’ (See Adapted Sports)
  4. From the Publishers Weekly review of The Lumbering Giants of Windy Pines, for kids aged 8-12: ‘Grit and compassion bolster this exhilarating, folkloric adventure by debut author Netz. After a period of upheaval following the death of her father, disabled 11-year-old Jerry Blum and her mother settle at the Slumbering Giant Motel in rural Georgia.’ (See Book Shelf)

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