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By Louise Kinross

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Here are some quotes to pull you into the content:

  1. From the mother of a Holland Bloorview teen with autism and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis: “As a Black family, when you walk into an environment that is predominantly white, you go 'Okay, which mask should I put on?' I can't be too loud, I can't come off as too harsh. How will I behave?” (see Health Equity)
  2. From the author of The Country of the Blind, who feels his vision loss has had a positive effect on his 11-year-old son: “I see in him a sophistication and a level of engagement and empathy with disability, and more broadly with the social aspect of it, that is really special for someone his age.” (see Book Shelf)
  3. From a world-renowned scientist in palliative care who is trying to change medical culture: "It's very easy to fall into a nihilistic outlook when patients and families feel hopeless. Clinicians can start to feel that there is no path forward. Intensive Caring says that part of containing hope is to understand what remains possible. There are opportunities to connect with people, to value them, to hear their story.” (See Clinical Care)

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