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Effective Nov. 1, 2023, clients and families, visitors, vendors and staff are required to wear a mask while moving throughout the hospital, including while in elevators, in spaces where clients receive care or participate in research. A medical grade mask will be available upon entry.


Online Family Resources FAMILY TIPSHEET: What do they do?

You will meet many different people who will work with your child and you in the services your family will use. These are the more common ones.

Audiologist tests a person’s hearing.

Child life specialist helps a child and their family deal with challenging situations, such as being in the hospital or having medical treatments or surgery. The child life specialist gives emotional support, encouragement and gives information about medical procedures through play.

Clinic nurse will meet you when you first come to Holland Bloorview. This nurse will be your main contact for your services at Holland Bloorview and to help you find services at Holland Bloorview and in the community.

Dentist helps a person if they have problems with their teeth, such as treating cavities. The dentist books regular appointments to make sure a person’s teeth are healthy.

Developmental pediatrician focuses on child development and disability. They collect information and do tests to make a diagnosis and plan for treatment.

Discharge planner helps a person and their family plan for services when they leave the hospital to go home or transfer to other services.

Early childhood educator is a teacher of young children in a daycare, nursery school or early grades in elementary school. This teacher helps children, up to 6 years old, develop their social, emotional, physical and academic skills.

Family leader is a parent or other family member who works with staff on hospital policies and programs, shares their health-care story or provides support.

Family mentor is a parent of a child or youth who uses Holland Bloorview services. The family mentor provides support and information to other Holland Bloorview families.

Family support specialist in the family resource centre can help families find answers to their questions about funding, community services, school and daily life activities.

Hygienist cleans a person’s teeth.

Neurologist is a doctor trained to diagnose, treat, and manage conditions of the brain.

Nurse practitioner recommends medicine, orders tests, makes diagnoses, and manages client care in partnership with the family.

Occupational therapist helps a person use different parts of the body to do things for themselves, such as bathing, dressing and feeding. The occupational therapist also figures out equipment needs based on the person’s disability.

Ophthalmologist is a doctor who looks after eye health.

Orthotist works with a person to choose and then make the best brace or splint for a person’s hand, arm, back, foot or leg.

Orthopedist is a doctor who looks after bones and joints.

Pharmacist prepares medicines, explains to how to take the medicine and how it works.

Physiotherapist helps finds ways to move, keep muscle strength and use different parts of the body. 

Prosthetist makes artificial hands, arms, feet and legs for people who do not have that limb.

Psychologist is trained to find out how a person thinks and what helps a person needs to do their daily tasks.

Recreational therapist helps a person find fun things to do to stay active, keep fit, and learn new skills in school and in the community.

Registered dietician gives information about the types and amounts of food a person needs to be healthy, such as fruits and vegetables.

Social worker helps a person and their family deal with their emotional or practical needs, such as coping with a new diagnosis, funding, future planning, and connecting with other services.

Speech-language pathologist helps a person if they have trouble with speech, language, communication, and swallowing.

Therapeutic clown helps to distract children’s attention during difficult activities, such as physical therapy, blood work, injections. The clown can help children learn about their health by using music, rhythm, movement, and jokes to other parents.

Last updated May 2018 by a Family Support Specialist and a Family Mentor