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Daniela Chan-Viquez, MSc, PT

Daniela Chan-Viquez

PhD Student at PEARL Lab

Daniela worked as a physical therapist in Costa Rica for five years. Her clinical practice was mainly focused on rehabilitation for children with disabilities. She came to Montreal, Quebec in 2015 and completed a MSc in Rehabilitation Sciences at McGill in 2017 under the supervision of Dr. Mindy F Levin. Her MSc thesis project looked at the development and acquisition of locomotor skills in children from a motor control theory perspective. After her MSc, she worked for one year in different laboratories as a research assistant.

Daniela started her Ph.D. at University of Toronto under the supervision of Dr. Elaine Biddiss in the Fall of 2018. Daniela’s project explores how interactive computer play (ICP) technologies, like video games, can be implemented for home rehabilitation for children with cerebral palsy. She is specially interested in finding successful ways in which these ICP technologies can be used as an alternative motor therapy for children with cerebral palsy living in rural communities and developing countries, where access to rehabilitation services are limited.

Daniela loves going to the beach, outdoor activities, and going on walks with her dog. Her hobbies include reading latin-american novels, dancing and knitting.