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Let's Talk Disability and Sex

A connection day to discuss sexuality and young people with disabilities

Our team at the Bloorview Research Institute hosted a virtual connection day on April 28, 2021 that brought together young adults with disabilities, parents of children with disabilities, healthcare providers, educators and researchers.  

The aim of this day was to:

  • Share the research on sexuality and disability
  • Come up with new research questions and identify poorly understood problems
  • Create an accessible resource that will help start the conversation on sexuality

Art Exhibition- Illuminating a Hidden Narrative:

As part of the connection day event, we are excited to present Illuminating, a digital art exhibition that shows how young adults living with disabilities feel about navigating their sexuality in healthcare settings. Click here to visit the exhibit!

    Event booklet, presentation transcripts and slides:

    Please click on the documents below to view our event booklet, presentation transcripts and slides from the day!