Kamil Pieszczynski

Kamil Pieszczynski was an MSc candidate (2012 - September 2014) in the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Toronto. He was Co-supervised by Dr Wright and Dr Steve Ryan. Kamil's thesis project is entitled: "Design and mobility/biomechanical testing of a low-cost powered mobility device for pre-school aged children who have mobility limitations." His research combines engineering design innovation with outcome measurement creation for use within a single subject evaluation of young preambulatory child and the mobility and other outcomes associated with their short-term use of the adapted power ride-on toy car. This study links with work that Dr Cole Galloway (University of Delaware) is doing in his GoBabyGo project. We hope that it is the first of a series of partnered evaluation projects that we are involved in with power ride-on toys.