Alicia Hilderley

Alicia Hilderley is a PhD candidate (2013 - ) in the Rehabilitation Sciences Institute at the University of Toronto, and is co-supervised by Dr. Wright and Dr. Darcy Fehlings. Alicia has a BSc and MSc in Kinesiology. Her research project is entitled: "Linkingneuroplasticity with the outcomes of motor-learning based therapy: multi-modal evaluation of walking-based therapy in children and youth with cerebral palsy'". Alicia's research will advance clinical knowledge related to fMRI and its use in evaluating neurorehabilitation therapies, first through adaption of an existing fMRI paradigm for children with hemiplegia, and secondly by potentially establishing a new paradigm for those with diplegia. Determining the presence of neural changes following gait-based therapy training has theoretical importance, and its clinical relevance will be evident if neural changes were tied to improvements in gait quality, functional ability, and physical activity -based participation. Establishment of the extent of association among cortical activation patterns, function and participation will allow us to begin to know whether neural change should be a primary goal of therapy.