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Please note, masking is still mandatory at Holland Bloorview. A medical grade mask will be available upon entry.


R2Play: Testing a stimulated sports environment to support return-to-play decision-making following youth/young adult concussion


The research team at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital is developing a system to help youth and young adults with concussion return to their sport life (return-to-play). We would like you to test the system, R2Play and get your feedback so we can understand the value and challenges associated with this system.


Dr. Shannon Scratch and Dr. Elaine Biddiss.

Call to action

We are looking for youth athletes and clinicians to participate in this research project.

Who can participate

Youth and young adults ages 12 to 25 years who are (or were, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic) members of sports teams with a time commitment of at least 3 hours per week, have normal or corrected to normal vision and hearing, and can communicate fluently in English. Youth with a recent musculoskeletal injury (within the past 10 days) or a pre-existing physical condition, disability, or neurological disorder that could impair movement or be worsened by exercise, any pre-existing cardiovascular conditions, and a visual, cognitive, or auditory disability, and/or who cannot demonstrate the capacity to consent to research are not eligible for this study.

Clinicians who have at least 1 year of experience working with children and adolescents, have a caseload including return-to-ply clearance for concussion, and can communicate fluently in English. Clinicians who cannot commit to two study sessions and a follow-up interview (~5 hours in total) are not eligible for this study.

Funding agency

Centre for Leadership in Innovation at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital.

What's involved

Youth/young adults will be asked to fill out demographic questionnaires, run through the R2Play assessment with clinicians’ guidance and participate in an interview. Youth will be asked to come in with exercise attire and to wear some biosensors, including a heart rate monitor and movement-sensor. Total time commitment for youth is 2 hours.

Clinicians will be asked to fill out a demographic questionnaire, administer R2Play to youth athletes and to participate in a follow up interview to learn about their experience with R2Play. Total time commitment is 5 hours over three non-consecutive days.

Participants will receive a $15 gift card (per session) to thank them for their time. Parking will be reimbursed. Volunteer hours are available upon request.


Interested in participating

If you are interested in participating in this study or have additional questions, please contact Brendan Lam at with your interest, and he will get back to you shortly. Contacting us does not obligate you or your child to participate in the study.


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Download Youth Research Flyer
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