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Nilou Hashemi

Nilou Hashemi

Graduate Student

PhD Candidate
Biomedical Engineering, University of Toronto
Advisor: Dr. Tom Chau


Nilou received her BASc and MEng in electrical engineering from University of Toronto. She later on received her MASc from Ryerson University in biomedical engineering. As a result, she has research experience in diverse areas (e.g. ultrasound-based navigation, computer vision, robotics, power semiconductors, and electrostatic discharge devices).

Current Research

Nilou’s current PhD research explores the therapeutic potential of paradigms that combine brain-computer interfaces with brain stimulation techniques for paediatric populations. Specifically, Nilou is designing an encephalography-triggered transcranial magnetic stimulation (EEG-triggered TMS) and testing its therapeutic application on children with upper limb paralysis.

Other Interests

Nilou enjoys playing the piano. She is also an avid sky gazer (amateur astronomer).