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Dr. Carolyn Hunt

Dr. Carolyn Hunt MD, FRCPC

Developmental Paediatrician / Assistant Professor, University of Toronto

Dr. Carolyn Hunt has been a Developmental Paediatrician for over 20 years.  She completed medical training at McMaster and Western and then a fellowship in Developmental Paediatrics at the University of Toronto. She started her career at HBKR and then moved to Grandview Children’s Centre in the heart of Durham Region where she has been the Medical Director since 2008. Carolyn’s focus has been and to elevate the scope and evidence informed care of the Children’s Treatment Centres and include medical services to provide critical diagnostic services and ongoing medical support to those children and families that need it most.  She has a keen interest in improvement in the delivery of efficient medical services and has undertaking several quality improvement projects at Grandview to ensure that the medical services is right sized to the population and available for families. Under Carolyn’s leadership Grandview has expanded to have 6 physicians working the field of Developmental Paediatrics as well as 4 key Paediatric Associates from their community.  She spearheaded the creation of GPAAND which is a Grandview led community collaboration to advance the interests of children with disabilities and special needs in their community. She founded a research program in Paediatrics to Durham Region which is now headed by their first ever Research Director.  Carolyn has created opportunities to include families in the development and evaluation of programs at Grandview and has brought many exciting programs to Grandview which include Neurology, Optometry, Nutrition, Complex Care, Psychology and is incredible excited to partner with HBKR in the Extensive Needs program starting in 2024. Carolyn laid the foundation for Grandview to partner with Ontario Shores and the Abilities Centre to engage in a joint Research Ethics Board which launched in the fall of 2023. Carolyn continues to be actively engaged in the CP-Net Research team as well as many other projects through partnership with Holland Bloorview and CanChild.   

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