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Welcome to the Employer Resource Hub

We developed the framework for this Resource Hub through interviews, consultations, and design sessions with 50+ employers in public and private sectors. Contents of the Hub reflect employers’ questions, concerns, and hopes. We heard things like:

“Young workers grow with the organization.”          

“I want to diversify my workforce but I don’t know where to begin.”

“We want to do it right. It’s important to hire the best candidates and retain skilled employees.”

“I’m afraid to ask or say the wrong thing.”

“How can it be simple?”

“Inclusion of people with disabilities in the workforce benefits everyone.”

The business case for diverse and inclusive hiring practices is well documented. The growing list on this hub includes links to a range of tools and information produced by Canadian organizations, from the business case through interview guidelines and onboarding and retention best practices.

Using this general knowledge base, our Employer Resource Hub helps you build energy and confidence to engage young workers with disabilities. 

Select from these four areas to explore aspects of bringing youth with disability into your organization:

Want more information on the why and how of diversity and inclusion? Check out these resources.

Diversity and inclusion best practice resources

CASE (Canadian Association for Supported Employment): A national organization, CASE facilitates full participation in the labour force by offering resources, expertise, and support to service providers. An important aspect of CASE’s work is MentorAbility, an excellent resource to learn how mentoring can work for any size or type of organization. 

Conference Board of Canada: Find a link to the Employers Toolkit: Making Ontario Workplaces Accessible to People with Disabilities, current research on accessible employment practices, webinars and events, case studies, and interviews from the field.

DiscoverAbility (Ontario Chamber of Commerce): This online portal connects businesses with people with disabilities seeking employment. Check the site for a range of tools, tipsheets, and resources.

Hire for Talent: A national organization that provides potential employers with links and information on diverse and inclusive hiring practices. In addition to a toolkit, the site links to service providers that can help you find, hire, and retain youth with disabilities whose skill set matches your organization.

ODEN (Ontario Disability Employment Network): ODEN is a provincial organization that works with businesses and service providers to offer employment opportunities for job seekers who have a disability. Employers can look to ODEN for resources, events, and consultation services that enhance disability awareness, diversity, and inclusion.

Ready, Willing, and Able: RWA is a national organization that connects employers with skilled employees who have an intellectual disability or are on the autism spectrum. Their RWA model of employment has four cornerstones: knowledge (e.g., identifying unique employer needs), access (qualified candidates to interview), hiring support (for both the individual and the employer), and ongoing support (e.g., on-the-job training).

We gratefully acknowledge funding from the Government of Ontario and donors to Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital’s Transitions Strategy, which co-created this Employer Resource Hub with organizations, individuals with lived experience, and Holland Bloorview staff.


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Employment Participation Team