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Christine Provvidenza completed her Bachelor of Physical and Health Education and Master of Science, Exercise Science at the University of Toronto. She is also a registered Kinesiologist. Christine has a wide-range of expertise in research and program development and has experience with and a passion for knowledge translation (KT).

Currently, Christine is the KT Lead for Evidence to Care, Teaching and Learning Institute and the NOvEL Lab at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital. Her work focuses on the development, dissemination and implementation of KT products, while using best practices and science in KT. Christine has been involved in the development and delivery of concussion education initiatives for youth (e.g. students, athletes), parents, coaches, educators and healthcare providers. One of her areas of interest is examining the role of KT in enhancing and optimizing concussion education. She has examined and published work in this area, which is not a well-documented area of research, and continues to conduct research in this field.