Shaping the future: Strategy Blog #1

The organization has been buzzing over the past three weeks since our strategic planning process launched. We have held 12 “pollination sessions,” engaging staff from across our programs, services, centres for leadership, corporate groups, donors and our board of directors. The passion and energy about our future and the possibilities for children and families are extraordinary. All groups are uncovering possibilities to improve the experience of children and families here at Holland Bloorview and beyond. Provocative questions are starting to emerge about the role we could play to create change in the world including:

  • How do we create more inclusive environments in the school system that can both welcome and support the unique needs of the kids we serve, and prepare the next generation to be advocates for embracing and including people with differing abilities?
  • What needs to change in the world so there would be no conversations about kids without upfront integration of the needs of kids with disabilities?
  • What needs to happen to create an even more robust launching pad for young adults with disabilities to thrive in their communities? What role can we and our partners play in supporting kids in the formative late teen and early twenties years?

And there are many more conversations to come.There remain 18 “pollination sessions” scheduled. In addition, the “big questions” have begun this week. You are invited to share your thoughts by visiting the feedback area located on the elevator wall on the first floor. You can also send thoughts and questions to our dedicated strategic planning voicemail at ext. 3068 or email at