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When a child has a chronic illness, every family member adapts

By Louise Kinross

Sweet Dreams for Chiyo is a tender film about how one family copes when their toddler is diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Families of children with chronic health problems and disabilities are sure to see parts of themselves in it, from the mom who becomes the resident medical expert and the dad who feels unsure of his role, to the sibling who is super-helpful, but sometimes feels left out and resentful.

A reminder that a free screening of the film is being held Wed., May 16 at 7 p.m. at the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Centre at 506 Bloor Street West. I'll be part of a panel afterwards that includes the parent filmmakers and diabetes experts.

Our Canadian readers can watch the full Sweet Dreams for Chiyo documentary above. You can also check out lots of information at this website. Or read our interview with filmmaker Kaz Ehara.