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By Louise Kinross

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Here are some quotes to draw you into the content.

-From a blind mother of a newborn in an NICU who was afraid to touch her baby because staff hadn’t oriented her to where the baby was attached to wires: “It’s just assumed that the parents are fully abled, right?” (See Research Hits)

-From the researcher of a study that found raising a disabled child eroded the health of mothers if they were low income, but not high income: “Most of the work on disability and families has been led by nondisabled people, but I come to this work with a different perspective as a disabled person myself. I was very unsettled by the nearly unquestioned assumption in previous research that disability is a burden.” (See Health Disparity)

-From the owner of a new autism-friendly restaurant in Toronto: “I realized as a teacher that it was hard for these families to go out for a meal.” (See Fun Stuff)

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