Return to school and sport

School resources

Slowly returning to school is best. As a student, it can be hard for you to focus,remember and process information, which can affect how well you learn and perform at school. You and your school staff, including your teachers and guidance counselor, can work together to adjust your school work and school environment so you can gradually return to full school activities and performance.

Return to school guidelines

Return to school guidelines for children and youth

These stages are designed to strike a balance between the importance of returning to school and brain recovery. Work with your school to put these recommendations into place.Source: Canchild, McMaster University.

Activity suggestions during concussion recovery

The activities are some ideas to consider during gradual return to school and light activity. Source: Canchild, McMaster University.

Sport resources

Having a concussion and symptoms can make it difficult for you to go back to being physically active. It is critical that you are able to successfully return to school and social activities before returning to physical activity or sport.

Gradual return to sport and activity guidelines: 

Return to play guidelines

Returning to normal activities, including sport participation, is a step-wise process that requires patience, attention, and caution. Source: Parachute Canada.

Concussion guidelines for coaches and trainers

These guidelines have been written for coaches and trainers to help them recognize concussion in an athlete, what to do if an athlete gets a concussion during the game or practice, outlines how concussions are treated, and gives guidance on when an athlete with concussion can return to sport. Source: Parachute Canada

Comprehensive recommendations for sports groups

Complete guidelines for diagnosing and managing pediatric concussion

Complete guidelines for diagnosing and managing pediatric concussion recommendations for schools and/or community sports organizations or centres. Source: Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation & CHEO

Sport specific guidelines:

2016-2017 GTHL Concussion Policy

Made in collaboration with the Holland Bloorview Concussion Centre

Sport specific return to activity guidelines

Hockey, soccer, football, basketball, rugby & general. Source: Montreal Children's Hospital.