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To support and connect with children, youth and families living with disabilities, Holland Bloorview is creating podcasts on a variety of themes and topics important to our community.

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ASD Engage

Listen to ASD Engage to hear from psychologist Dr. Heidi Kiefer and psychometrists Shawn Brumby and Maureen Mosleh as they help move beyond the cold facts and details of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Through the series, the team engages with professionals, families and children that make the ASD journey come to life. Podcast episodes give access to specialists who provide assessment and treatment, and also connects with parents and caregivers at different points in their ASD journey, who open up about the thoughts and feelings that accompany raising a child with ASD and practical tips to take away and try.


Isofriendships is a podcast that explores what social connection means for Youth Leaders living with disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through personal stories, interviews, and candid conversations, Youth Leaders share their insight on friendship in times of social isolation. All field recordings and episode storyboarding was created by Youth Leaders.

Isofriendships was produced by Mary Anderson. Technical production by Nick Dywelska. Isofriendships illustration by Maria Bangash.


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To better connect with you, we are now offering a number of programs in a virtual environment. Contact us to learn more!