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Generalized Gait Quality Monitoring and Assessment using Machine Learning and Wearable Sensors

Gabe's Project

Gait is a complex task involving the coordination and interplay of many biomechanical factors and gait parameters. This project aims to leverage machine learning techniques to develop models capable of generalized gait assessment using just the data directly streamed from 1-2 inertial sensors, as a way to monitor changes in gait outside the clinic. This could allow us to objectively monitor deterioration of prosthetic devices, changes in gait, or even to guide feedback and cueing at home, when a clinician isn't present.
We have completed preliminary validation on able-bodied individuals as well as a case study involving clients who received gait training at Holland Bloorview, and are continuing to assess the robustness and validity of our model to assess clinically relevant changes in amputee gait.