Centre for Leadership in Participation and Inclusion

Project: Music therapy as procedural support in the hypertonia clinic: Toward the development of practice guidelines


Project summary:

A music therapist is a healthcare professional that assists clients to better think, feel, move, and communicate with the help of music. Music Therapy as procedural support provides a child emotional assistance and encourages coping when they are having a medical procedure.

We wanted to a) learn more about how music therapy can support clients, parents and staff feeling less stressed and anxious during treatment and b) how to assist other healthcare teams to provide care in the same way. To study this idea, we need to understand what research articles exist on this topic. Once this is done, we will ask music therapists from all over the world for feedback on our results and how they support clients during procedures in every day practice. This will help us to compare our practice at Holland Bloorview; what is different and what is the same.

By the end, we expect to deliver guidelines for other healthcare teams and families planning to include music therapy services as a way to help clients feel less anxious and stressed during procedures.

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