Centre for Leadership in Participation and Inclusion

Project: Eye tracking as an alternative access method for children with complex communication needs: A scoping review


  • Fanny Hotzé
  • Petra Karlsson
  • Sheri McClement
  • Deryk Beal
  • Katherine Barron
  • Paula Adam
  • Kathryn Corbett
  • Zahra Emami
  • Judy Gaudreau

Project summary:

Eye-tracking technology shows promise as a direct access method to communication systems for individuals with complex communication needs. In order to enable our clinical teams to make evidence-based decisions in their assessment and support of eye tracking, we conducted a scoping review of the literature on the use of eye-tracking technology as an alternative access solution for communication.

Our review focused on:

  1. The factors that contribute to successful use of eye-tracking technology
  2. Current practices for assessment, provision, setup, and training
  3. The impact of eye-tracking technology on communication.

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