Centre for Leadership in Innovation

Project: Developing a variable friction-based swing phase controller to improve gait kinematics in physically active children and youth with lower-limb amputations


  • Matthew Leineweber
  • Sandra Ramdial
  • Brandon Burke
  • Mark Fletcher
  • Arezoo Eshraghi
  • Jan Andrysek

Project summary:

Most lower-limb prostheses can only provide the basic functions needed for some degree of mobility, such as slow walking, and a limited ability to bypass obstacles such as curbs, stairs, or uneven surfaces. While advanced prostheses with complex computer-controlled systems can provide superior performance, these devices are too large and bulky for use in the pediatric population. Children often must compromise between simple systems that provide good stability but little knee motion (swing-phase) control, or good knee control and little to no stability.

The PROPEL lab has been developing a new and exciting swing-phase control system to be used with the All-Terrain Knee. This device is lightweight and requires minimal maintenance, making it ideal for use with pediatric knee prostheses. The goal of our research is to optimize this system to achieve natural walking motions in active children.

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