Knowledge Translation

What is Knowledge Translation (KT)?

Knowledge Translation (KT) is about bringing the right information in the right format to the right people at the right time to have an impact on decision making (Source: Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation).

KT is a key component of Holland Bloorview’s strategy to build research and clinical capacity. Developing new knowledge is one piece of a bigger puzzle in providing the best care for our clients. Taking our knowledge and research and translating this information into practice is the optimal goal.

KT activities:

Combined with the dedication and expertise of our staff, Evidence to Care is the energy behind KT for Holland Bloorview. Evidence to Care supports Holland Bloorview by:

  • identifying sources, assessing quality and synthesizing research evidence
  • strengthening expertise and skill in critically appraising research evidence
  • ensuring the best evidence in clinical practice guidelines (through clinical practice guideline identification and/or development) is being used and shared
  • hosting signature events to foster skill development and knowledge exchange
  • providing expertise in KT best practice
  • measuring the impact of KT strategies